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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +1039

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  • siN a
    siN a  a years ago +3722

    "Just be an artist and pick a style" Lmfaooo damn imagine being that close minded and out of touch with what it means to be an artist.

  • Barbie Campano
    Barbie Campano  a years ago +4826

    6:16 Dude, it's called VERSATILITY

  • better than gucci
    better than gucci  a years ago +4984

    why picking a style if ou can do all. tbh i always see mamamoo's style in every song of them. that can't be just me lmao

  • Domo 2003
    Domo 2003  a years ago +4206

    7:06 this dude never got anything nice to say I swear

  • trvptych
    trvptych  a years ago +2325


  • Be Calm Hyejin
    Be Calm Hyejin  a years ago +3325

    The women understood Mamamoo's style more than the men. Is this the reason why there are mostly female fans of Mamamoo.

  • Moonsun's kid
    Moonsun's kid  a years ago +2551

    The thing with mamamoo is that everyone shines in the group
    They are sooo different from everything that has ever existed before and they were meant to be honestly they bring so much things in this industry

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones  a years ago +1894

    "Pick a style?" FXXK IT DO EM ALL!!!

  • muthia dzaky razani
    muthia dzaky razani  a years ago +2497

    It's not like they didn't have style but I think they just like to 'experimenting' with their music (note : they compose their songs alone, and even some of the choreos). Furthermore their company is not really limiting or put them in a specific concept because that's the meaning of "mamamoo" (baby blabbing) : they're like baby which still in learning stage, they grow (musicly) by observing then interpreting it into their syle

  • RealTalk
    RealTalk  a years ago +1804

    "artists have to pick a style" yeah right, that's why post malone is so popular cause he picked a style...

  • Aki Marzan
    Aki Marzan  a years ago +3476

    Tbh those three dudes who said no didn't say a single good thing about Mamamoo, which is frustrating. Let's try to be more open, eh? Gawd so negative.

  • Jenica
    Jenica  a years ago +1083

    "I almost threw this laptop" HAHAHA 😂

  • Robyn Hammans
    Robyn Hammans  a years ago +1821

    Hahaha “just pick a style”
    My favourite thing about KPOP is that the artists are able to show so many different genres, styles and images and perfect each and every one. KPOP celebrates diversity in each genre and I live for it 😍

  • Kali Marquez
    Kali Marquez  a years ago +1138

    It's called being versatile duh

  • Andrea G
    Andrea G  a years ago +663

    Pick a style? Dude chill

  • Fugo's Fork
    Fugo's Fork  a years ago +803

    To the guy who said he's getting frustrated because they didn't choose a style, you'll like kard and gfriend

  • Gracie Versoza
    Gracie Versoza  a years ago +4240


  • Jenlisa's Unicorn
    Jenlisa's Unicorn  a years ago +370

    She mentioned 2NE1 and f(x) and I'm starting to get emotional TT

  • igotexoinmyarea
    igotexoinmyarea  a years ago +765