How to Make Explainer Video Animation in Camtasia

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • Get Stock Animation:
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    Discover the new way to create animated explainer videos or sales videos literally within minutes, with little to no experience required using stock animation in your Camtasia 2018 or Camtasia Studio 9 video editor.

    Stop wasting precious time and huge amounts of money on freelancers and take your video production to the next level for a fraction of the cost!

    00:00 - Intro
    00:57 - Demo Video
    02:05 - How To Make the Demo Video in Camtasia
    08:52 - How to Make the Titles / Add Text / Logo
    11:57 - Where to find Stock Animation

    Assets used in the video:

    Eduard Stinga is an entrepreneur specialized in video marketing and video production, who runs two video companies. The first one is, which makes custom animated sales videos for clients all over the world. And the second one is which is a marketplace video assets, GIF animations and vector files.

    Music by Joakim Karud


  • michael wellington

    Can I purchase stock animation from the link above and upload to PowToon? Will it work?

  • TheWireShock Channel
    TheWireShock Channel  1 months ago +1

    hello first off, thank you for your efforts explaining this. I have a question if you could help; do you know where to get cisco or networking based animated icons?

  • Grant Ferstat
    Grant Ferstat  1 months ago

    Who is good at making custom animations. I need some characters to use for training videos. I don't want to use generic ones.

  • David Jan Dayao
    David Jan Dayao  1 months ago

    Is there any other way to get free stock animations? I'm just a student and I'm only gonna use it on my research presentation 😭

  • MeetiMian
    MeetiMian  1 months ago

    Love this video, pretty straight forward.

    But videoplasty is a little expensive. Do you know some free or cheap source for similar type of stock footages like video plasty?

  • Edy Subiyanto
    Edy Subiyanto  1 months ago

    Which one to choose camtasia or filmora?

  • Hack Tech
    Hack Tech  2 months ago +1

    bro i will be so thankful if you give me the source for animated stock images....and thanks again for your video...:) wish god bless u and your family....:)

  • Arewa Metro
    Arewa Metro  2 months ago

    Please how to create the character

  • Faria Aki
    Faria Aki  2 months ago

    I want to learn frame by frame animation drawing but don't know how to start..

  • Andy Black
    Andy Black  2 months ago

    Great video. I could even (just about!) follow on my phone.

    Well done coming up with a market place. That’s a very smart way of divorcing your earnings from your time. Good luck with it. I’m going to check it out now.

    EDIT: Make the images of each asset clickable? It took me a while to figure out I should click the asset name to view it.

    And put a link to browse all products in the menu (hamburger menu on my phone)?

  • 经本正一
    经本正一  2 months ago

    Nice Video! Thank you!

  • ataur rahman rony
    ataur rahman rony  2 months ago


  • Fatima Goncalves
    Fatima Goncalves  3 months ago +2

    I really enjoyed your video and you explain very well how to start with Camtasia as entry level. Can you make an instructional video how to start your first video project with Camtasia 2019.

  • Bigtombowski
    Bigtombowski  3 months ago

    Guy sounds like Pewdiepie

  • avinash Subba
    avinash Subba  3 months ago +1

    Could you teach us how to do the ✏️ writing effect

  • kamruddin babu
    kamruddin babu  3 months ago

    in which Camtasia it is created by?

  • Kamliana
    Kamliana  3 months ago

    Well done, sir

  • BrainyBricks
    BrainyBricks  4 months ago +1

    You didn't create any of this! Stock Animations... WOW

  • Muneer Ahmad
    Muneer Ahmad  4 months ago +1

    Can you please tell that how you get the voice for explainer video

  • Never Quit Attitude
    Never Quit Attitude  4 months ago +1

    I have cracked this plugins
    If anybody need tell for free