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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • The Biggest Fight in YouTube History... AND I GET ROBBED! This is not fair!!


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  • SetGroups  (Aug 26, 2018))

    1.Logan2.Logan3.KSI4.KSI5.Logan6.KSIThats coming with my 9 years experience in Boxing. Its a draw

  • +Jessmin Smith no the fuck he aint

  • Zac Zena  (Jan 10, 2019))

    Jessmin Smith r u fucking stupid ur dad is an idiot ksi won 3 and 4

  • Tara K  (Aug 31, 2018))

    lmao how is this not copyrighted

  • Kaniz Sohana  (Dec 14, 2018))

    Well u bitch,why the fuck will it be copyrighted

  • Anna Ramirez Crafts!  (Nov 30, 2018))

    +Blerim Leskovica yeah only 11 million people

  • Lloyd Santos  (Aug 31, 2018))

    "How Alex Wassabi used KSI for views"

  • Chico Silva  (Dec 25, 2018))

    Lloyd straight up facts 😂

  • Kaniz Sohana  (Dec 14, 2018))

    How MaRin is such a bitch and useless piece of shit..You dont even hv the confidence to stand where alex is right now..So before u say something shitty about this wonderful guy,see yourself in his place..Or even his slave😂

  • Carl Johnson  (Sep 1, 2018))

    Im litteraly confused, how does this guy have subs????

  • / Y O U N G / MSP  (Feb 10, 2019))

    BoyDovan Because He is a positive funny smiley YouTuber but that’s your opinion I can’t change that for you xx

  • YungX  (Aug 31, 2018))

    your channel is that dead you have 11m subs but still struggle to pull 1m views

  • The 7 Bloggers  (Oct 15, 2018))

    And I’d like to see you try to pull of 1m views

  • The 7 Bloggers  (Oct 15, 2018))

    YungX how you finna hate on him when you got 9 subs bro get out wit that😂

  • Chelsea & Franz  (Aug 26, 2018))

    “that was so fast. my beard almost came off.” 😂

  • Thuy Tran  (Sep 3, 2018))


  • Ijb Savage  (Sep 3, 2018))

    Savannah Roberson cc

  • Padoru  (Aug 30, 2018))

    stop trying to be relevant

  • Prince Strexks  (Sep 12, 2018))

    How tf is he tryna be relevant when Deji was down to fight Alex? Think about it retard

  • Spoon tism  (Sep 10, 2018))

    +UniCat Bella you need to shut the fuck up you retard and go and "die in a hole"

  • john schnieder  (Sep 1, 2018))

    please fight deji. dont wuss out again and make excuses on why you "Cant fight him"

  • Nightmares and bleach  (Oct 2, 2018))

    +Nightmare ikr 😂

  • Nightmare  (Sep 23, 2018))

    He is a bitch. He aint do shit. He will just pussy out again. Phaahahha

  • The Tiwari  (Aug 31, 2018))

    Anyone else think he’s trolling and didn’t actually bet 50 K???

  • Hayden Driscoll  (Sep 25, 2018))

    yea he didnt actually

  • GunsAndClips  (Sep 3, 2018))

    Man's out for views, his channel is dead

  • RT  (Sep 1, 2018))

    there was no way you bet 50000 bucks on Logan

  • Kurri  (Jan 20, 2019))

    With the views he’s pulling? Please, not even 20,000k

  • Thicc pants  (Jan 3, 2019))

    Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah