The ketogenic diet, explained

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 13, 2018
  • Is keto just another dieting fad?

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    New year, new dieting craze. The ketogenic diet is the latest in popular diets in the US. It shares many similarities with the Atkins diet; it’s low-to-no carbs, some protein, and a lot of delicious fat.

    The keto diet isn’t exactly new. It’s been used to treat epilepsy since the 1920s, and it’s had promising outcomes from treating Type 2 Diabetes. However, epilepsy and diabetes aren’t the only reason people give the ketogenic diet a try. It’s also used as a diet for weight loss. The diet banishes most carbs, including fruit, and opts-in for fatty foods like avocados, salmon, eggs, cheese, butter, oil, and the holy grail of fatty meats — bacon.

    Unfortunately, science has not yet proven the keto diet to be the miraculous cure to losing weight, that some kept devotees claim it to be. The more extreme a diet, the harder it is to adhere to, and though the diet may be beneficial to some, that does not mean it will work for all who give it a try. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +403

    The ketogenic diet is backed by good science. But findings support it as a treatment for epilepsy, not losing weight.

    Read our full explainer breaking down the research on

  • Daniel Trujillo
    Daniel Trujillo  4 days ago

    Why does this video hate on keto!

  • Jennifer Villagomez

    This video is hella trash

  • luckyed22
    luckyed22  21 days ago

    Wow! So disappointed in this video

  • Fabian Barnes
    Fabian Barnes  21 days ago

    Down 30lbs in 22 days on keto, I'm on day 23 now. I've lost weight faster than the hcg injectable diet where I lost 33lbs in 30 days

  • Morty Sanchez
    Morty Sanchez  21 days ago

    Im on the South Bronx diet

  • Elle Em
    Elle Em  21 days ago

    The only reason why i went on the keto diet was because i can stick with it. but i depends on what you prefer.

  • 28 Day Keto Challenge

    Thanks for sharing this video. It's very interesting and helpful video.

  • Ketofication
    Ketofication  2 months ago


  • Diane Gelsthorpe
    Diane Gelsthorpe  2 months ago

    I got this phone number +442038087366 to get a RMA to send my keto back .all it says is un recognised so how do I send them back.

  • knife3
    knife3  4 months ago

    “No evidence that keto diet works”?! Where are you getting your info from? This has to be the one and the only useless video of Vox. Very off-brand. Was expecting much more.

  • Leah Sorell
    Leah Sorell  4 months ago

    My brother was going to go on it for his epilpsy.

  • phoenix guy
    phoenix guy  4 months ago

    yeah bullshit you guys support a hypothesis too the diet lipid hypothesis

  • Jane Bennetto
    Jane Bennetto  5 months ago

    I got an add for keto diet when I clicked on this

  • Eric
    Eric  5 months ago

    Oh my god i love julia

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear  5 months ago

    Need Joss Fong to do the explaining. Sorry girls.

  • Sofia Cookiemonster
    Sofia Cookiemonster  5 months ago

    A keto diet is primarily a vegetable based diet

    yes you do eat fish and meat but its not JUST BACON and dairy thats just wrong and unhealthy..

    obviously its not since there are a lot of people that are Vegan Keto ...

  • Jan Angelo Maghinang

    Teach about diet prescription.

  • Rowan Reed
    Rowan Reed  6 months ago

    The pouring out of the olive oil was great

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