This Children's Channel Is Basically A Horror Movie

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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    Have you ever wished you could traumatize your child by making them watch a horror movie that they will end up feeling partly responsible for? Of course you have! And so have Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint. These *top tier* content creators make spooky content for 3 year old children the likes of which the world has never seen.

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    If you're actually reading this description comment "CHAD!"

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  • Danny Gonzalez  (Aug 9, 2018))

    Go to so I don't get kidnapped again plz

  • Darius Bostan  (3 days ago))

    Huh, you laid back girly-girl

  • Cheyenne Holakovsky  (5 days ago))


  • Lily S  (Aug 9, 2018))

    Chad is a skinny legend

  • lps brenda  (2 days ago))

    Lily S skinny legend Megan

  • mystic darkwing  (Mar 30, 2019))

    Just commenting so it can be 69

  • Isla Gordon  (Apr 12, 2019))

    Chad is drowning!do you..A. jump in and save himB. send a floatation device C. DIVORCE

  • the Batwhal  (22 hours ago))

    Chad has to pee!

  • Rihanna Snipez  (1 day ago))

    A true greg 😂👌🔥

  • turbofire7  (Apr 4, 2019))

    Uhhh Danny...there may or may not be a nutcracker following you😬

  • Bad PunsForDays  (2 days ago))

    Or is the nut cracker following us gregs?

  • spoopy creppy  (Apr 8, 2019))

    Chad? Chad.Chad? Chad.Chad? Chad.Hotel? Trivago.

  • Mia Steffy  (1 day ago))

    Bruh I don’t give 2 shits

  • spoopy creppy  (1 day ago))

    +Mia Steffy did I ask? No

  • Rachel Hybrid  (Mar 27, 2019))

    I believed it until I realized these things:*Who's recording**Why is this happening to all the YouTubers that fake things?**When they wake up on camera how do they turn on the camera?*PLEASE CONSIDER MY THOUGHTSSSSS

  • You...belived.................that?...............

  • GingerCoughDrops  (15 hours ago))

    You believed this?

  • The lake is uncomfortably blue and I don’t appreciate it

  • Skullzy YT  (2 days ago))

    It looks like Gatorade

  • never ever  (6 days ago))

    プリングルズ缶の中の猫 Some people dye it to keep algae from growing and to stop decomposition. It keeps the sun from penetrating all the way through the water

  • 1 mill subs no vids  (Mar 31, 2019))

    Greg... you missed something...You wouldn’t be able to post or cut the the security cam(that’s fake)

  • Caleb Bananas15  (2 days ago))

    +ADA I know I was saying his name is not greg

  • ADA  (2 days ago))

    +Caleb Bananas15 Greg is the name of his fans/subscribers

  • Lps Pomegranate Patch  (Apr 12, 2019))

    “Did they remove half of my brain?!” I mean... your body is still functioning so.....?On second thought, because you asked that. It’s quite possible.

  • Britt Nes  (Mar 16, 2019))

    i know I'm late but Chad commented on this and approved so.... Chad Wild Greg.

  • Fati El Hanafi  (Apr 7, 2019))

    What? I didnt see it