Candied Walnuts - You Suck at Cooking (episode 83)

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 28, 2018
  • This video thoroughly explores various aspects of candied walnuts.

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    The gist of it is that you just need to heat up some sugar then once it melts into its natural liquid state you have to be careful with it because of how hot it is.


  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking  8 months ago +3864

    Thank you for watching my comprehensive guide to candied walnuts.
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  • Anju Singh
    Anju Singh  6 hours ago

    I spend all my teenage on wattpad and somehow this was as dramatic as it can get for me.

  • Joris W.
    Joris W.  yesterday

    This is better than all the movies I’ve seen in the past 5 years

  • Nathan Coombes
    Nathan Coombes  yesterday

    Commitment to the bit = 100%!
    Also, why am I crying over spatulas?

  • Ali Williams
    Ali Williams  2 days ago +1

    We never got justice for Brad's Wife so we need justice for pimblokto

  • Taste the rainbow of chemicals

    i thought he was gonna jump ;-;

  • Nandini Ghosh
    Nandini Ghosh  3 days ago

    how did i get here and why am i so entertained?

  • Karolyne Simões
    Karolyne Simões  4 days ago

    I just landed on this video and 2:23 What the actual fuck?

  • Juzgomer
    Juzgomer  4 days ago

    I forgot I was watching how to make candied almonds

  • WhyMyEB’sTangd
    WhyMyEB’sTangd  4 days ago +1

    Oh binblockdo

  • Khoi Tran
    Khoi Tran  4 days ago +1

    This channel never stops surprising me. Best channel I’ve ever followed

  • Nerk Durgen
    Nerk Durgen  4 days ago

    Is it weird I cried at the pimblokto bit

  • Sugar Vampy
    Sugar Vampy  4 days ago

    And this is why it's important to watch every single one of YSAC's videos. You never know what sequel you'll find.

  • Jay Patil
    Jay Patil  5 days ago

    That crow was a paid actor

  • Jay Patil
    Jay Patil  5 days ago

    That venn diagram tho

  • Niemcy
    Niemcy  5 days ago

    I am upset by the way you are treating this imaginary robot. Please stop.

  • i am good man
    i am good man  5 days ago

    Can you ease up on Pimblokto you heartless monster?

  • Merci
    Merci  6 days ago

    I was wondering why this video was so long if he finished making the candies walnuts in a few minutes

  • Pizza Dog
    Pizza Dog  6 days ago

    I want a Pimblokto face reveal more than yours.

  • Bella Contess
    Bella Contess  7 days ago

    I can't believe how well produced all of this is. I mean, this is a cooking channel. And a comedy channel. And a music channel. And a filmography channel. And it just excels in all of these categories.