Sushi Donut Recipe

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 9, 2017
  • An interesting new way to present your sushi.

    In this video, you will see how to present your sushi in a donut style that not only looks very pretty but also taste delicious :)

    here are some of the things I mentioned in the video:

    donut mold made of silicone:
    sushi rice recipe:
    sushi rice vinegar mix:
    crispy rice bits:

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  • Ducka Ducky
    Ducka Ducky  21 days ago +1

    My mouth is watering 🤤

  • Marta Hidalgo de Haro

    Muy original.👍

  • Nanda Nyunt
    Nanda Nyunt  6 months ago


  • Steffan Omazik
    Steffan Omazik  9 months ago

    I've made sashimi and sushi in the shape of a vagina it was very fishy but absolutely stunning i Will definitely have it on my me an you

  • Ped Adra
    Ped Adra  10 months ago

    We need food no a guy play with food!!!

  • カイヤンシー


  • Vanie Vanie
    Vanie Vanie  a years ago

    HELLO from France ! C'est super 👍 merci beaucoup pour cette très bonne idée ! Thank you very much, i love your movies, sorry for m'y bad english,

  • Sultan Fajar
    Sultan Fajar  a years ago

    yaah make cetakan mah, gampang! kurang rapih presentasinya :(

  • Taylor Bernard
    Taylor Bernard  a years ago

    He didnt use the avocado lime mash 😂 looks real good tho!

  • 윤수혁
    윤수혁  a years ago

    이게 뭐야... 와사비 대신 아보카도 실화냐

  • sleeksalmon
    sleeksalmon  a years ago

    I think this is pretty but not practicable as far as eating..

  • Ben Jerry
    Ben Jerry  a years ago

    This is the cutest little thing! Thanks for sharing.

  • kraftykritter10
    kraftykritter10  a years ago +2

    very creative

  • Jooo J
    Jooo J  a years ago +1

    This is blasphemy. Worse than putting mayonnaise into sushi. Everything for a couple of views, huh? Disgusting.

  • Malini Aquilera Lopez
    Malini Aquilera Lopez  a years ago +1

    i love sushi🍣

  • Mary Morgan
    Mary Morgan  a years ago


  • Mary Morgan
    Mary Morgan  a years ago


  • mi sung kim
    mi sung kim  a years ago

    too much rice.

  • El capo rivascat
    El capo rivascat  a years ago


  • dart arkana
    dart arkana  a years ago

    Can you please make a series on vegan sushi?
    That can be a bit challenging for some especially when it comes to avoiding GMO!
    Your talented please do it