2 Chainz Plays Basketball in a $450,000 Court | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 27, 2017


  • D. Faust
    D. Faust  a years ago +1106

    $450,000 but no spring on the rim and church league backboard... ok

  • Skippy Lou
    Skippy Lou  a years ago +866

    Looks like a prison court 😂😂😂

  • 773 p
    773 p  a years ago +1319

    Half a mil & I can't get a whole court bih?!

  • Cox Content
    Cox Content  a years ago +1049

    You can't get to the league like that Titty Boi!

  • DGTV!
    DGTV!  a years ago +363

    Just gon assume the house 450k

  • Jonny Rager
    Jonny Rager  a years ago +201

    I haven’t heard Him call himself Titty boi in a minute

  • Aaron Strickling
    Aaron Strickling  a years ago +162

    That court better have AI players on deck

  • ᴖᴥᴖ
    ᴖᴥᴖ  a years ago +165

    Can we give the editor a trophy

  • sumper man
    sumper man  a years ago +340

    Fun fact: 2 Chainz played basketball in college and was a 4.0 student, wise man.

  • Justin Aviles
    Justin Aviles  a years ago +149

    that court was definitely designed by some skinny yacubian who never touched a basketball in their life

  • angel laflare
    angel laflare  a years ago +244

    How is the court that much but it don’t even have a real backboard and a good ball

  • J Diddy
    J Diddy  a years ago +347

    I’m tryna play him one on one

  • Myke Rave
    Myke Rave  a years ago +164

    2chainz just sit on a 100milion bean bag already!

  • swaggy e
    swaggy e  a years ago +264

    All that money but u get the worst type of basketball goal.

  • Quail Man
    Quail Man  a years ago +40

    $450,000 court? I've built houses my entire life. That's a $30,000 room at the very most. The only thing worth any money is the hardwood.

  • 5kayonekiller
    5kayonekiller  a years ago +31

    Lol he was robbed if he paid that much for that room

  • Every Taylor
    Every Taylor  a years ago +112

    Those lil cartoons be funny

  • L -Man
    L -Man  a years ago +36

    Half a mil & i cant get fiber glass backboard or a 3 point line at least a 21 or utah for my bk people

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson  a years ago +30

    2chains looks like dave chappelle pretending to be little john

  • TopSZN
    TopSZN  a years ago +51

    Smokes a layup @ 1:52 🤣 lmao