Final Drive: Be Thankful Ravens Decided to Be Bold | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 29, 2019
  • The Ravens took an outside-the-box approach by building their offense to fit quarterback Lamar Jackson, and the decision is paying dividends.

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  • Just Fusion
    Just Fusion  1 months ago

    Lamar is doing good and you already know their gonna want him on the madden cover and if u wanna keep him good DONT LET HIM ON IT!!!

  • jeremiah x gamer
    jeremiah x gamer  1 months ago

    Victory is Raven name Watch Sunday they we will make that claim RAVENS Nation number one

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez  1 months ago

    I’m thankful for being a Ravens fan

  • Louise Valdez
    Louise Valdez  1 months ago

    Sir there's a raven bird that are talking and smart maybe you could invite the owner its good for audience ....they residents of the philippines and the you tube talking ravens....

  • king shark
    king shark  1 months ago +2

    Ok, let's not start smelling ourselves. Easy with starting to read the press, we all know hype is the fluff they use to tear you down.

    We know what was said.
    Hell I had folks tell me Marcus Peters was going to be a bust, we should have got Ramsey.

    Look how it's all working out.

    Stay the course, shut out the noise, get to the big dance.

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  1 months ago +1


  • NoSwiss AllCheddar
    NoSwiss AllCheddar  1 months ago +7

    If John Harbaugh does not get coach of the year honor,it would be a conspiracy

  • Tay Four10
    Tay Four10  1 months ago +1

    Die hard fans join Raven Gang on Facebook 🤘🏿😈(Fan Group)

  • King's Sports Konversation

    I’m thankful for Lamar and the Ravens‼️ What a great season so far‼️

  • Louie Jones
    Louie Jones  1 months ago +1

    i have a last year's bears-rams game feeling about 49ers-ravens this year

  • Louie Jones
    Louie Jones  1 months ago +31

    When it comes to football, I'm thankful for this entire team and how we arent in mediocrity or just plain out bad

  • Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

    49ers must go down like Black Friday prices. Smoke their damn boots including the strings.

  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193  1 months ago +7

    If we best the Niners and Bills, we're going 14-2 and 1st rd bye/home field advantage in the playoffs

  • ryan damon
    ryan damon  1 months ago +1

    Let go ravens 🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜

  • PurpleRain Productions

    I have great ravens video content on my channel, sub if you would like

  • william carter
    william carter  1 months ago +6

    Not plenty of people its old white bigoted men who don't anything to change ..

  • Devin Best
    Devin Best  1 months ago

    Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😈👿

  • Short Bus Pull Up
    Short Bus Pull Up  1 months ago +3

    Short bus pull up ravens nation

  • Your Brother
    Your Brother  1 months ago +2

    ravens = super bowl

  • Short Bus Pull Up
    Short Bus Pull Up  1 months ago +2

    L.Jack mvp