We Bought a GIANT RV! Her Name is Monica, She Loves Boost! *Full Tour*

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 13, 2018
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland  a years ago +1070

    Thank you guys so much, this obviously would not be possible without the incredible support you guys give us. Have a freedom filled day, we love you guys!

  • Giedrius Paulauskas

    Hej Monika:

  • Andy Proctor
    Andy Proctor  4 days ago

    Total blast

    DAVE BERGZ  7 days ago


  • Jerry Santos
    Jerry Santos  7 days ago

    Beautiful Beast and video. 😀😎👍

  • Jerry Santos
    Jerry Santos  7 days ago

    35 pounds of boost in a Cymmins 400hp? Something is wrong with that engine. It should be making 40 lbs up hill. Cletus, Get the overhead done before you put a tune on that. Have the oil pan pulled and the bearing for cylinder 6 pulled and checked. Make sure it has no discoloration. It is almost 40K it should have that done to make sure it last for 1,000,000 miles. I love CAT engines. I have 6 3406E Cats and all of them are at or around 1.5 million. What you do now will dictate the endurance of that engine. They should last 1,000,000 miles before an inframe. Treat her right now and she will break in at around 300K like a dream. 👍

  • Aray Beezy
    Aray Beezy  7 days ago

    >6 foot 6
    goddamn this boy is a unit

  • nightfall22
    nightfall22  14 days ago +1

    Theres nothing ugly on that rig (on the outside) haven’t seen the inside yet

  • Monica Raymond
    Monica Raymond  21 days ago


  • Skyler
    Skyler  21 days ago

    I never knew you were 6 foot tall, wow

  • Thanachai Kul-orn
    Thanachai Kul-orn  21 days ago

    Come on ....she still Beautiful Man

  • Eduardo B. R.
    Eduardo B. R.  21 days ago +1

    This is so cool, congrats guys o/

  • Kenny Allison
    Kenny Allison  1 months ago

    Cleetus, if u r ever coming through central nc, and have a break down look up All-is-on truck and trailer repair of Greensboro, and I will do anything i can to help yall out!

  • Stephen Waterman
    Stephen Waterman  1 months ago

    Time to upgrade to a 10 year old Prevost

  • AWPmediagroup
    AWPmediagroup  1 months ago

    what was the price +/-

  • Johnny R.
    Johnny R.  1 months ago

    she looks great to me . i'm used to buses like that. she is a love bus man . enjoy her .

  • Mon Frig
    Mon Frig  1 months ago

    How much was it ?

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  • Jon Posadny
    Jon Posadny  1 months ago

    u wanna do big jumps with rc get a Pro-line ProMT 4x4.

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson  1 months ago +4

    When do we get the update? Its bin some time since you last talked about her.