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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017
  • Gripping documentary exploring the stories of five exceptionally talented people, investigating where their amazing skills came from and finding out if they and their families can ever have normal lives.

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  • Crang Creekin
    Crang Creekin  19 hours ago

    I like nerds. Creekin.

  • J R Fields
    J R Fields  yesterday

    goooooooooooooooot damn my dude remembers 98% of what he reads.....bruuuuuh if I could have that ability and be normal I would read so much. I'd know as many fighting styles and how to play every instrument, I'd know how to speak many languages I mean that is freaking amazing how his mind works. I can't read the title of the book before I get to the first page just to go back and see what the title is again.

  • Ray C
    Ray C  yesterday

    Stephen hawkins

  • C Little
    C Little  yesterday

    Thst kid aerials father needs tell him he did amazing sometimes truth out weighs tough love .telling that kid he can do better fxxking crushed his spirit.

  • I amcarbonandotherbits.

    Seems Israel has its own Mozart, His life so far mirrors that of the great composer himself.

  • Ian Dwight Casanas

    August Rush!

  • Fab Funty
    Fab Funty  2 days ago

    WTF telling the little boy that "the show must go on" or similar, when he's saying he's tired.😦🤬
    I as a father would tell those Jazz lovers to start at 5 pm the latest so the boy can go to sleep in time
    or he's just not playing at this event.
    He should have fun in what he's doing and tune down his claim on perfection.

  • John Michael Patrick

    Man, I still can't believe this is not butter !!!

  • jen moyle
    jen moyle  2 days ago +1

    Chemist’s dad.. Egomaniac supreme .

  • John Michael Patrick

    Why Akiane's sketches were so good and still she couldn't write her name correctly !???

  • chris bond
    chris bond  2 days ago

    No such thing as "god" just a figment of the imagination,(as ia all and every religion) invented by those that seek wealth power and control!! Please try again and try harder to find your influence!! A wonderful natural talent should never be perceived as an act or influence of a fantacy figure! A savant is a truly gifted person, and should never be attributed to some fairy story figure.

  • Nurse Jake
    Nurse Jake  3 days ago

    None of these people attended public conventional schooling. Let THAT sink in.

  • Yuksel Oden
    Yuksel Oden  4 days ago

    Savants are not geniuses. The rainman and the accountant, therefore, are not geniuses. Genius is an "applied" supertalent. Like the painter girl, like the pianist boy, who are real geniuses. The other two just memorize information as is. Their brains are like warehouse, having a capacity to load, but not to process. Therefore it doesn't bring much financial gain too.

  • louis myers
    louis myers  4 days ago +1

    the piano kids dad sounds like christopher walken

  • louis myers
    louis myers  4 days ago


  • Tel
    Tel  4 days ago

    take dmt you can no where you live bye

  • LinksHopping Golfer
    LinksHopping Golfer  5 days ago +3

    The chemists dad seems to be more interested in displaying his child as a child prodigy.

  • LinksHopping Golfer

    I can see the painters parents using the "I gave you life, therfore I gave you the talent," to justify them letting their teenage daughter pay for their lifestyle. Ay least that's the impression I got when her dad said, "I make... Well, I should say we make..."

  • LinksHopping Golfer

    That chips pianist kid is quite impressive.

  • james python
    james python  5 days ago

    It is a breaking of the second commandment to make any representation of God, which is undoubtedly what the painting is, called "Prince of Peace.' Herein it is proven that the connection she has is NOT with God because he would never lead anyone contrary to his own word; The Bible!
    Although this girls achievements in painting is amazing, God is not interested in mans achievements, but rather their obedience.