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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 23, 2017
  • whats the point of being rich when you wake up alone
    whats the point of going home when it aint nobody there
    fuck that i grab my bike and phone home in the air
    and i pedal through the city with the wide frame steer
    with that tall pale boy that i met last year
    grape, thats what i call em, love, thats what i fall in
    fell in i aint like sports growing up but now im balling
    i guess im a late bloomer
    high tide bottoms cause the neck on lunar
    them GOLF le FLEUR unos cause, we dont do puma
    thats 20k pairs, gone in 3 seconds
    you aint gotta like him and you aint gotta respect him
    for playing chess with these niggas
    that think that theyre bench pressing
    leg day is getting skipped, guess who really running shit?
    young teezy it aint easy lungs wheezy in this bitch
    new slaves got yall niggas feeling breezy on the ship
    pour a fanta in your poison so its easier to sip huh?
    my shit leaked two weeks before that release date
    first week, did dos, 1,000 off ,beat meek
    shout out meek! two niggas first week top 3!
    i cant even get a song to play on the radio
    but trippled in them ratings tv channels still pay me tho
    pharrell told me not to trip
    i am in my ziploc
    feel like i got the best album out
    i know i got the best album out

    PHOTO: petro koublis

    BEAT: 4:44 by Jay-Z


  • Erich Flowers
    Erich Flowers  yesterday

    Had to come back for this gem

  • 187onamudafuckincop

    you know you got the best album out!!!

  • Vicente Nevarez
    Vicente Nevarez  5 days ago

    Meow...bad kitty lol #loitersquad

  • Sebastian Ehmcke
    Sebastian Ehmcke  7 days ago

    can u put more of ur singles on spotify pls

  • Karl Høier
    Karl Høier  7 days ago +1


  • Ashenafy Gesquiere

    bro jay z and kendrick and tyler on this shit and then frank starts singing with the woman voice fireeeeeee also man u actually got the best album out now sooo fucking happy

  • gang bang gamer cat

    i personally believe that taiwan is not a legitament state, like I understand its better than a communist regime in china but they lost the civil war which means that taiwan is a chinese island not an independent state

  • Brotosaurus
    Brotosaurus  14 days ago

    wtf i thougt he dropped this around the time igor came out

  • Annette Romero
    Annette Romero  21 days ago

    omg no way 2 years already!!???! i remember when he dropped this wtfff!!?

  • I Have an Incredibly Small Penis, but

    2 years???? wtf?

  • Strange
    Strange  28 days ago


  • Mussa Takewall
    Mussa Takewall  28 days ago

    Did u say what is the point of being rich

  • pharro kane
    pharro kane  1 months ago

    Tyler is a fucking goat

  • Sebastiaan Buwalda
    Sebastiaan Buwalda  1 months ago

    A giant broccoli

  • Benjamin Addison
    Benjamin Addison  1 months ago

    How the fuck doesn't this have more views...

  • AnTbEgAmInG97
    AnTbEgAmInG97  1 months ago +1

    Every since WOLF Tyler's word play just went up up

  • Yug Blug
    Yug Blug  1 months ago +1

    The tree look like broccoli

  • Oh Geez
    Oh Geez  1 months ago

    If anyone wants to give me a ticket to his concert hmu I'm poor and I wanna see him live

  • Matthew
    Matthew  1 months ago +1

    currently fucking my pet ant

  • PrankTube
    PrankTube  1 months ago

    Fucking fire