Moonlight ~ lofi hip hop mix | chill study / relax / gaming beats

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 22, 2018
  • Welcome, my dear friends 🖤 This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping._👁Art by Ritonia Fernandes "Dreamy" logo : 🖤🖤🖤My channel is not monetized. Patreon Is the only way to support me 🙏⭕Tracklist: 00:00 w00ds - Country Boy02:31 w00ds - Kula World 05:46 w00ds - Cloud Driftin08:42 w00ds - Saturday Morning10:28 w00ds - Streetlight14:13 w00ds - Children Of The Night16:48 w00ds - pink skies19:35 w00ds - m3ll0w21:50 w00ds - br0k3n24:26 w00ds - b r e a k 26:53 w00ds - mortified.⭕Artist:w00ds❗If you're a owner of any song/picture on this channel and want it removed, just leave a message on my E-Mail and I'll do my best to delete it as soon as possible. :) ✉ [email protected]______________________________✉Submit your music :✉Submit art :


  • w00ds  1 years ago

    Wow a whole hour of me?! I didn’t even know I had this much music :0 dreamy you’re the best 💖 chill and enjoy lovely ppl, peace x

  • Rezno isboss  9 months ago

    damn, you are amazing! keep it up~

  • A pink Lollipop  10 months ago

    Your music is beautiful. Have a good day!

  • michael angello  1 years ago

    This helps me with depression

  • Tomás  9 months ago

    me to

  • Musical Tea  1 years ago

    I'll be listening to this one in the moonlight tonight, with a cup of tea in hand.Cheers! 🍵

  • w00ds  1 years ago


  • Oli D  1 years ago

    2am here in Perth Aus & that's exactly what I'm doing. Cheers

  • FlaMe  1 years ago

    Moonlight 😭😢 RIP X

  • The Lofi Café  1 years ago

    Rest in peace X

  • Jessica J.  1 years ago

    FlaMe 💔😔

  • Anime Aesthetic  1 years ago

    *Awesome, now I have some music to work to today. :) ♥*

  • Franzi Linda  1 years ago

    I love how, in the first track, you can hear the interpret breathe, if you got it on good earphones and super loud. It calmed me somehow. Beautiful precious mix again, Dreamy. Thank you so much.

  • Russell g  1 years ago

    I would rate it near perfect... the tempo of the ballads are truly dreamy... Dreamy

  • A pink Lollipop  10 months ago

    The picture makes my heart melt. The strong bond between a human and any animal is so sweet. Unless the human may be training the animal to do bad things lmao <3

  • Radio Killed Music  1 years ago

    Yay love lofi mixes

  • Abby D  1 years ago

    I'm loving the vibes Dreamy X3