SPICY Chick-fil-A & Asiana Airlines Business Class FOOD REVIEW Seattle to Manila Philippines

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • I'm flying to Pittsburgh to give a talk at the Pittsburgh University. Then I flew to back to Seattle. And from Seattle, I flew out on Asiana Airlines Business Class to Manila, Philippines.

    #asianaairlines #Asiana #manila

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  • Goldenkitten1
    Goldenkitten1  yesterday

    There's a few of those guys who go around reviewing airline food and the general consensus among all of them is pick Asian dishes. Western dishes which are meat heavy like the dreaded airline meatloaf just never translate well because of the changes they have to make for it to be served in the air. Veggies and noodles fair far better.

  • Mob
    Mob  2 days ago


  • OriginalMilkDud
    OriginalMilkDud  2 days ago +1

    9:55 he spitting facts tho

  • Josh Dizon
    Josh Dizon  2 days ago

    The fate of whatever mikey is reviewing rests on the shoulders of whatever mikeys emotional status is at the current time, yikes.

  • Jonas Butler
    Jonas Butler  2 days ago

    Mikey, you ever dabble in competitive eating? You can really put it down!

  • John Wong
    John Wong  4 days ago

    Chick fil a>

  • S W
    S W  5 days ago

    Love your honesty with the airline food and all kinds of food. Keep up with the good work! :)

  • Steve Huang
    Steve Huang  7 days ago

    Even if the shin ramen was delicious does it really make sense to order it knowing they might charge you $13-15 for the bowl when you know it costs $95 cents at your local supermarket?

  • JosannesGot You
    JosannesGot You  7 days ago

    I think Mike’s mission is to make his fans hungry and crave to travel the world. Those chocolates look out of this world.

  • Serenity Mercury
    Serenity Mercury  7 days ago

    I hope you kept l’occitane products

  • Nyanfood '
    Nyanfood '  7 days ago

    Hello kitty cup!

  • Shah Awan
    Shah Awan  7 days ago

    How do you find the time??

    KINGTERIK  7 days ago

    I know what takes work to accomplish the quality that you have, but damn you're getting paid for eating good food. 💪🏾✌🏾

  • Sean Mahony
    Sean Mahony  7 days ago

    "Whenever you see pork belly, get it." Mikey Chen stealing my life motto 🤣😂

  • Rayvon OddBoy
    Rayvon OddBoy  7 days ago

    So on Asian airlines order Western food LOL

  • lbjohnston21684
    lbjohnston21684  7 days ago

    Come back to the burgh and do a food vlog, get some Primantis, Burgatory, Everyday Noodles, wholeys. I was just as the steel city con too, it was a blast.

  • Vince Fernandez
    Vince Fernandez  7 days ago +1

    "You don't want nasty head" - Mikey 2019

  • Kevin Jiang
    Kevin Jiang  7 days ago

    Something I love about Mikey is that even though he gets to eat the best foods in the world, he isn't like a lot of other food reviewers that just diss every cheap meal because they act as if it could never compare to the fancy food they 've had in the past. Mikey can still enjoy a bowl of shin ramen.

    KAZI SHAMS  7 days ago

    try western menu sometimes

  • j c
    j c  7 days ago

    i think asiana and korean airlines just gave up. they've sucked for a long time. it's unconscionable to serve bibimbap (rice & veggies) as a first or prestige class meal