Doom, But With Wizards - Amid Evil Funny Moments

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Normally I'd use this space to make fun of incels, but I'm pretty sure you little scamps have killed more people than al-Qaeda so I'm just gonna chill out and let you finish screaming at your penises in peace.

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  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson  1 months ago

    I don't generally associate Incel culture analysis with funny moments but it's enjoyable.

  • RayathF
    RayathF  3 months ago

    Certainly didn't expect such an in-depth conversation about the human condition.

  • Abdullah Hamad
    Abdullah Hamad  5 months ago

    Not sure about the conversation's funniness on this one, but the game is cool af.

  • Barny5ive
    Barny5ive  5 months ago

    1:45 It's Xana!!!! From Dark Messiah of Might and Magic!!!!

  • TheBlueFister
    TheBlueFister  5 months ago

    I really don't like that the bugs just look like a straight re-textured antlion from Half Life 2.

  • Zoinked
    Zoinked  5 months ago

    Lawrence is amazing for his personality, I’m really happy he’s grown to be inciteful and happy with his own self. Not a lot of people in this world can own up to what he describes in this video ♥️

  • Padlad
    Padlad  5 months ago

    Alannah bullies lawrence way too much I feel bad

  • Alex Basso
    Alex Basso  5 months ago

    3:50 that's called being volcel.

  • Alphabet Inc.
    Alphabet Inc.  5 months ago +1

    Alanah: it is widely assumed that Andrei Tarkovsky, his wife and some other crew members died early because of the toxic nature of the locations Stalker (1979) is filmed upon.

  • Detty boi
    Detty boi  5 months ago

    I love when we get lawrence's take on weird nerdy sub cultures, wether it be weird anime porn or weird groups of people, lawrence makes it even better.

  • Dogmex
    Dogmex  5 months ago

    Forgive my ignorance, but is the doom this mod is based on as beautiful as this mod?

  • Padman531
    Padman531  5 months ago

    This game actually looks really cool

  • Drake White
    Drake White  5 months ago

    all for censoring the beginning of the video but please don’t keep using this chicken sound effect lol

  • Richard Hunter
    Richard Hunter  5 months ago

    The banter on this was good and I’m not sure if he was kidding or not but the term red pill actually comes from a documentary where a feminist set out to make a documentary about the wage up and inequality in the work place. However, she quickly discovered men actually have it harder and are given less handicaps in most facets of life, and titled her documentary as such in reference to the Matrix where taking a red pill is a metaphor for “waking up” to the truth and realizing a narrative or commonly accepted truth is actually not as it seems.

  • Leon Stalinsky
    Leon Stalinsky  5 months ago

    After playing amid evil I gotta say I’m impressed by Lawrence even more than before.
    He is the quintessential gamer

  • Diggity14
    Diggity14  5 months ago

    James’s face when Lawrence started talking about how he wanted to have a period killed me! 😂😂

  • Mundy Lunes
    Mundy Lunes  5 months ago

    It's annoying when these guys get into politics.

  • mrkruzjr
    mrkruzjr  5 months ago

    at 4:55 to 4:57 the gameplay repeats itself, what happened there?

  • Jack Bryant
    Jack Bryant  5 months ago

    Has anyone noticed that Lawrence looks almost identical to Marc Rissman from Game of Thrones?

  • Forkinthemud
    Forkinthemud  5 months ago +1

    Lawrence, you look fantastic and proud of your progress in fitness. Much love 💕