Doom, But With Wizards - Amid Evil Funny Moments

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Normally I'd use this space to make fun of incels, but I'm pretty sure you little scamps have killed more people than al-Qaeda so I'm just gonna chill out and let you finish screaming at your penises in peace.Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • Steven Smiley
    Steven Smiley  1 months ago +1595

    Ah so you guys are censoring the first few minutes to avoid demonetization. YouTube sucks man.

  • jack tyler
    jack tyler  1 months ago +947

    Lawrence should do a TedTalks on incels, but let's be honest...

  • Michael Oshakov
    Michael Oshakov  1 months ago +72

    if you gonna censor cuss words alteast use bruce wheezing

  • Luke L.
    Luke L.  1 months ago +541

    Chad and Stacy pick on a Quintessential Gamer incel part 1

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey  1 months ago +682

    didn't expect to hear healthy and open discourse on empathy from a video titled "Doom, But With Wizards". A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

  • Mason Granato
    Mason Granato  1 months ago +582

    2 Lawrence games in 1 day?! I must be dreaming

  • Hesher Levitt
    Hesher Levitt  1 months ago +286

    Wow this gameplay had some really insightful conversation. Really like this trio, all different types of perspectives

  • AlanSmitheeFilms
    AlanSmitheeFilms  1 months ago +181

    Intelligent, insightful James is always a pleasant surprise when he shows up in a video.

  • garden-_-ghost
    garden-_-ghost  1 months ago +111

    Came here for the jokes stayed for the life lessons
    And law dog of course

  • Kody Jackson
    Kody Jackson  1 months ago +87

    I am wildly disappointed in James for not bringing up Chris Benoit when the conversation of murdering your entire family was brought up

  • ScramJamJohnson
    ScramJamJohnson  1 months ago +67

    "Today we're playing _________, the COOLEST game ever" - Lawrence Sonntag

  • Todd Meredith
    Todd Meredith  1 months ago +102

    I'm already jealous of how ultimate lawrence is....

  • superbleeder12
    superbleeder12  1 months ago +54

    James had an amazing take on what empathy is, why its so difficult, and why it's important.

  • LiamIsBatmanNow
    LiamIsBatmanNow  1 months ago +27

    Lawrence: I’ve always wanted to have a period
    James: 🙄

  • sXeblues
    sXeblues  1 months ago +135

    And the Rooster Crows... Youtube demonetized. And no one knows, exactly why-eeee!

  • BurntIQ
    BurntIQ  1 months ago +148

    Can we get please get a The Punisher 2004 gameplay series? x3

  • Katherine Giordano
    Katherine Giordano  1 months ago +13

    “Empathy is so difficult” - James Willems Confirmed Sociopath

  • ColdBanana
    ColdBanana  1 months ago +4

    "Also, the wolves" - James Willems. Underrated comment in context.

  • ASentientKyle -
    ASentientKyle -  1 months ago +37

    I know this is unrelated but when are we getting judge dredd part 2?

  • _Joend
    _Joend  1 months ago +11

    The censorship at the beginning really messed with my head. I thought there were chicken noises just in the game