Rival groups fight in Hong Kong, on its 15th straight weekend of protests

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
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    Skirmishes and fist fights broke out across parts of Hong Kong on Saturday as anti-government protesters and pro-Beijing supporters clashed during rallies, protests and singing sessions both sides organised on the 15th weekend of unrest in the city.

    But the day passed with none of the scenes of major violence from previous weekends. No petrol bombs were thrown at crowds and no rounds of tear gas were fired. Black-clad anti-government protesters were also out in smaller numbers, as were riot police.

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  • MashieGamie
    MashieGamie  9 hours ago


  • Alyasa Gan
    Alyasa Gan  18 hours ago

    For those that encourage the protest.,the lies,the deciet, the teror..the blood in your hand and the sin you bear

  • Rayray
    Rayray  2 days ago

    Civil War, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution....families leaves mainland and immigrate to HK

    Decades later the uncles and aunties from these families waves PRC flag like nothing happen back then

  • Philip  Zhu
    Philip Zhu  3 days ago +3

    The old people that built everything and vs the young that destroys everything

  • Tobore Yalaju
    Tobore Yalaju  3 days ago


  • Phu Vu
    Phu Vu  3 days ago

    Pls keep it up till 10 20 years pls

    REDGLASSES 123  3 days ago

    I don’t care if he took down a poster, but attacking an elder is wrong

  • 何平
    何平  4 days ago


  • 龙颜
    龙颜  4 days ago


  • Truth Matters
    Truth Matters  4 days ago

    Police, arrest cockroach with a mask.

  • Truth Matters
    Truth Matters  4 days ago

    Cockroach, take off your mask!

  • RyanTheLegend
    RyanTheLegend  5 days ago


  • 123abcxmen
    123abcxmen  6 days ago

    Great job China! Chinese fighting Hong Kong, Hong kong fighting Chinese. Haha, Long live Communist for killing your own people. Show your true COLOR to the world. For what china have become, they no better to convict the Japanese in the war crime. NO2XI4EVER.

  • isrgntv _
    isrgntv _  7 days ago

    everybody was kungfu fighting

  • francis jane vargas

    I think police need to use real bullets. How can this people do those things? Burning, fighting, destroying their own city. In the end you will regret it.

  • petrus pendik subagiyo

    satu nya orang tua satunya orang muda.. wakakaka

    ANDY LAW  7 days ago


  • Hampstead343
    Hampstead343  7 days ago +1

    Emperor Qing drank T.
    Confucius drank T.
    Sun Yat Sen drank T.
    Mao drank P!

  • Romelson Vicera
    Romelson Vicera  7 days ago

    Chinese hates chinese. Does Macau people feel the same way towards mainlanders?

  • Half ;
    Half ;  7 days ago