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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
  • How did I get so lucky to be moving in with the most beautiful person on the PLANET?!?


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  • Maddie Carney  (Oct 2, 2018))

    Okay, I thought the roommate was a girl, it’s not, we good

  • Isabella Romero  (Feb 16, 2019))

    If it were a girl I would get rlly mad because LAUREN is still here whether u like her anymore or not sooooooo u better need t replace her

  • Xeneration  (Jan 23, 2019))

    Just freaking let it go. He can date whoever he wants..

  • Raina Lynne Andres  (Oct 3, 2018))

    I feel like alex is having a huge mental breakdown in this video

  • wolf  (Oct 25, 2018))

    Yessssss (he like a girl)

  • Alondra Pintor Sandre  (Oct 13, 2018))

    Why ?

  • Inung Ingudum  (Oct 3, 2018))

    Alex put yourself together. We know you are strong. Take sometime off. You really need a break. I know you care for your viewers but please take care of yourself first. We can clearly see you are suffocating with emotions inside.

  • Alyssa janelle Pacheco  (Mar 15, 2019))

    Inung_food Diary I agree

  • Gaming None stop  (Dec 13, 2018))

    Tou guys need to stop talking about this you're only bringing back bad memories.He does whatever he wants to do to cope with this so if it's making videos than let her be

  • Just A Hamilton Fan  (Oct 3, 2018))

    8:36 “I have to find myself since Lauren left me” 😫💔😂 I am glad he can joke about and not just be upset ♥️

  • dong to  (Oct 28, 2018))

    Just A Hamilton Fan a

  • Jose Dorantes  (Oct 16, 2018))

    Just A Hamilton Fan OMG

  • magicalil  (Oct 3, 2018))

    I feel bad for Aaron. Yeah, it's an old car. It's not flashy. But he still loves it. And seeing the damage still hurts no matter what. Alex, find a way to make it up to him and be a good bro. Fix it, yes. But you may want to think of how you can really make it up to him. None of that giving tangible gifts stuff. I think he would appreciate something intangible from you. Bro to bro. No more pranks maybe. Poor guy must be sick of being pranked all his life.

  • Lyn Nguyen  (Oct 13, 2018))

    magicalil was

  • Grace Sellars  (Oct 11, 2018))

    I just appreciate that Alex knows that Aaron’s upset and he said sorry. Alex will find a way to apologize to Aaron and make it up to him cause that car is his baby.

  • The room mate couldn’t be a would be impossible for him to do that cause he still loves Lauren... I can’t wait for them to get back together

  • Gabriella Robles  (Dec 4, 2018))


  • Grayson Dolan Fan page  (Oct 3, 2018))

    It's so obvious that Lauren broke up with Alex, I love them both but even before they broke up, I was feeling like Lauren was acting so different in the vlogs, and plus, y would Alex say "Lauren left me" if it wasn't a 1 sided break up.Even in the break up video, Alex kept hugging Lauren and his eyes were so red.He's probably just saying that they both decided to break up because he doesn't want Lauren to be hated.Alex is actually such a great guy and I hope he gets back with Lauren in the...

  • Marely plays  (Jan 1, 2019))

    +It’s just Kenzie yeah i feel like we won't really ship them that much

  • Angel Cagalingan  (Dec 24, 2018))

    Guys Lauren did not break up with Alex as u can hear in their break up video they both had mature talk and said that they needed some time alone to be their better self and that Laurex is just taking a nap🙁 So who knows what will happen in the future maybe Laurex will back and maybe ronron will be official... but who knows ☺

  • Jessenia ZamudioRico  (Oct 3, 2018))

    Matt’s hairstyle is exactly like Namjoon from BTS hairstyle in the ‘Boy in Love’ era.

  • Cuddly JungKookie  (Jan 21, 2019))


  • BTS Are gods  (Dec 21, 2018))

    Jessenia ZamudioRico holy fucking shit it does wtf!

  • Legit Kay  (Oct 3, 2018))

    Alex: Lets go get earrings!*cuts to Alex running through claires* XD

  • Singing It  (Oct 4, 2018))

    I'm a little sad, because this new house means he won't be moving in with Lauren. I mean, we already knew that but it just hit me all over again. Also he seems kinda off. Doing things that don't seem like him. I mean, it's good he's branching out and trying new things, but hes making jokes that seem a little... Just.... Off. Idk. Maybe its just me. We're here for you Alex and I love you and Lauren. I support you one hundred percent. Both of you. ❤❤❤

  • Alexxus Tisch  (Oct 9, 2018))

    It’s weird because just before they were supposed to move in together, they break up 😐