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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
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  • Yashila Issabelle Kumar
    Yashila Issabelle Kumar  10 months ago +1014

    The room mate couldn’t be a would be impossible for him to do that cause he still loves Lauren... I can’t wait for them to get back together

  • Raina Lynne Andres
    Raina Lynne Andres  10 months ago +356

    I feel like alex is having a huge mental breakdown in this video

  • Just A Hamilton Fan
    Just A Hamilton Fan  10 months ago +439

    8:36 “I have to find myself since Lauren left me” 😫💔😂 I am glad he can joke about and not just be upset ♥️

  • Inung Ingudum
    Inung Ingudum  10 months ago +385

    Alex put yourself together. We know you are strong. Take sometime off. You really need a break. I know you care for your viewers but please take care of yourself first. We can clearly see you are suffocating with emotions inside.

  • magicalil
    magicalil  10 months ago +406

    I feel bad for Aaron. Yeah, it's an old car. It's not flashy. But he still loves it. And seeing the damage still hurts no matter what. Alex, find a way to make it up to him and be a good bro. Fix it, yes. But you may want to think of how you can really make it up to him. None of that giving tangible gifts stuff. I think he would appreciate something intangible from you. Bro to bro. No more pranks maybe. Poor guy must be sick of being pranked all his life.

  • Gemma loves Everyone
    Gemma loves Everyone  10 months ago +802

    Whose not wearing socks while watching this

  • Lendi Lou
    Lendi Lou  10 months ago +348

    It's so obvious that Lauren broke up with Alex, I love them both but even before they broke up, I was feeling like Lauren was acting so different in the vlogs, and plus, y would Alex say "Lauren left me" if it wasn't a 1 sided break up.
    Even in the break up video, Alex kept hugging Lauren and his eyes were so red.
    He's probably just saying that they both decided to break up because he doesn't want Lauren to be hated.
    Alex is actually such a great guy and I hope he gets back with Lauren in the future, if not, find a better girl for him 😭💖

  • Singing It
    Singing It  10 months ago +27

    I'm a little sad, because this new house means he won't be moving in with Lauren. I mean, we already knew that but it just hit me all over again. Also he seems kinda off. Doing things that don't seem like him. I mean, it's good he's branching out and trying new things, but hes making jokes that seem a little... Just.... Off. Idk. Maybe its just me. We're here for you Alex and I love you and Lauren. I support you one hundred percent. Both of you. ❤❤❤

  • Legit Kay
    Legit Kay  10 months ago +29

    Alex: Lets go get earrings!
    cuts to Alex running through claires XD

  • -oops
    -oops  10 months ago +37

    When my cousin saw the thumbnail she was like
    ShE AiNt GoT nO tItS

  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney  10 months ago +2110

    Okay, I thought the roommate was a girl, it’s not, we good

  • Owen Sharpe
    Owen Sharpe  10 months ago +16

    Peace out rainbow trout was from an old parody Alex and roi made.
    Edit:like if you remember

  • Tiger Lover
    Tiger Lover  10 months ago +48

    When I saw the “girl” in the title I was like nooo Alex you already found another girl

  • Jess Unnie
    Jess Unnie  10 months ago +19

    When I saw the thumbnail and the title ''Meet my new roommate (Super cute)'', I thought and even said out loud because I like to talk alone: Ok, this is either Aaron or Fousey in the red dress 😂😂😂 I knew it was not a girl because knowing Alex, I had already guessed that he had done some crazy thing 😂😂😂 Then, when I saw Matt for the first time in the video, I was like: ''Oh, so you're the new roommate! You don't know what's waiting for you!'' 😂😂😂😂😂 This video made me smile, I was a little down today 😂😂😂

  • Chickennugget
    Chickennugget  10 months ago +11

    OMG who remembers Alex with earrings? I do!!

  • becky fletcher
    becky fletcher  10 months ago +459

    “I’m trying to find myself because Lauren left me” 😪

  • Kelly K
    Kelly K  10 months ago +33

    Alex is meaner and pushier now.... That was Aaron’s first car and Alex just seems to hyper like he’s trying to make himself feel better idk

  • sarah khan_alien
    sarah khan_alien  10 months ago +9

    Yall dont be that sad
    They said they r on a BREAK
    and they are not BREAKING UP

  • clever potatoe
    clever potatoe  10 months ago +3

    I died When he said "i don't feel so good mr.strak"😭😭😂😂

  • Luan Racadio
    Luan Racadio  10 months ago +13

    This honestly feels like an old school Alex vlog. I like it :)