Samsung Onyx: Cinema LED Technology

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • Learn more : by brilliant LED picture quality and an infinite contrast ratio that brings out the best in true blacks, the Samsung Onyx delivers movie content like never before. For cinema content that is out of this world, trust the Samsung Onyx.


  • Oskar Karlson
    Oskar Karlson  a years ago +8

    "The sound you have never seen before." 😂🤣😂

    ANTONIO \MUM/  a years ago +47

    Samsung = Quality

  • Mohamed Abdelgleel
    Mohamed Abdelgleel  a years ago +32

    I love samsung❤️❤️

  • Sheikh Nafiz Mohammad Tonmoy

    the best of all..
    love Samsung.!

  • Emran Ali
    Emran Ali  a years ago +25

    I love Samsung 😍😍😘😘

  • Alex Hein
    Alex Hein  a years ago

    When is it coming to theatres

  • Why does anyone else respond to my comments?

    0:41 the eyes of a pro playing fornite lol.

  • Jorge Zuniga
    Jorge Zuniga  a years ago

    Imagine a super Amoled tv!!!

  • Tiki Tiki
    Tiki Tiki  a years ago +1

    I love Samsung!(Samsung means 3 star in Korean)!

  • 7071t6
    7071t6  8 months ago

    yes and then comes the cost close to over 80K just for a home size 100" LEd screen, + add the cost of the home theater sound system by JBL, which would make George lucas envy of what you have, which is well over 500K, so close to a million dollars just to watch a Movie which you cant even have loud to the point you cant hear yourself think, lol :)

  • alex martinez
    alex martinez  a years ago

    Watching this on my s10+

  • Waleed Jamal
    Waleed Jamal  a years ago +1

    Samsung is love

  • Inertia Theory
    Inertia Theory  a years ago +1


  • DomainD
    DomainD  a years ago

    Watching on an S7

  • J V
    J V  14 days ago

    Seeing this in a Samsung Onyx Cinema was breathtaking!

  • T D
    T D  a years ago

    The prize you've never seen before

  • GbZaid
    GbZaid  7 months ago

    I'll take 2.

  • e-Lite Gaming
    e-Lite Gaming  9 months ago

    Hey apple, your move.

  • vastylin
    vastylin  a years ago

    How do you show great picture on someones old device. Look good on my S7. So why spend more money

  • Roman Cardistry
    Roman Cardistry  a years ago

    Love it