i owe you an explanation

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 21, 2018
  • I have so much love for my #prettylittlelaur fam and hope this video gives you some insight into my life (online and off) and what I’ve learned from the breakup. I’m just not mentally cut out to do it again in the future but want you to know I’m the same laur you know and will always know. I LOVE love so freakin much and I think I’m someone who needs to keep this part of my life private for the sake of my sanity and mental health. I just want you to know how incredibly happy I am right now and hope we can continue the positivity in our community! I know you all want the best for me and have my best intentions in mind, but please trust that I’m exactly where I want to be right now 🙌🏻. Much love DIY babes 💗


  • britney
    britney  8 months ago +13430

    it’s sad that you HAD to give an explanation in the first place. i love you so much. you should take all the time you need to heal. you shouldn’t have to explain what’s going on. somethings should stay offline. but. in saying that. i love you, i’m here for you. don’t be sorry. take your time. we’re here for you. we love & adore you. ❤️

  • Natalies Outlet
    Natalies Outlet  8 months ago +4356

    lots of love for you💖

  • Celeste Linares
    Celeste Linares  5 months ago +463

    I thought Laurex was just taking a nap 😴

  • Xad Person
    Xad Person  7 months ago +830

    You know its serious when lauren is wearing a hoodie and talking seriously..

  • DylanSarOkie
    DylanSarOkie  7 months ago +804

    I just miss laurex.

  • Azraa Dhanshe
    Azraa Dhanshe  7 months ago +338

    When she started speaking about how her friends asked her if it was real my heart broke
    Edit: thank you all for the likes❤️

  • Collie
    Collie  8 months ago +1107

    Guys be quiet, she's being sincere, we don't need to know if you were first, we need to know you care.

  • SarahM.141
    SarahM.141  7 months ago +182

    Take the time you need. You got 8.7 million people/subscribers supporting you. I love you.

  • cup of tea kpop
    cup of tea kpop  7 months ago +279

    kisses her forehead and tells her everything is gonna be ok

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee  7 months ago +101

    It's disappointing you HAD to explain it the Internet wasn't this way with the gossip and all. I wish u the best.

  • MacKenzie Gage
    MacKenzie Gage  7 months ago +14

    I have had a relationship different than that but I total understand what you are going through.Your videos have helped me when I was down. I hope that you feel better and if you need anyone to talk to you have all of us. We all love you and are here for you.

  • itz_ Adamaris
    itz_ Adamaris  6 months ago +208

    Maybe they should be friends and stop avoiding eachother

  • Sophias life
    Sophias life  5 months ago +83

    I just watched this now
    And u got a new boy

  • Angel of Darkness_ Hope
    Angel of Darkness_ Hope  7 months ago +15

    Don't worry take your time because you need your space, Luv You So Much,always there for you😍😘😗😙💖💗💝💞💕❤💓💟

  • S Traynham
    S Traynham  7 months ago +93

    i miss u and alex/alice. U guys arent the same but its ok. Bc ur getting better and getting over it and we support u and alex all the way.

  • Julie Barton
    Julie Barton  8 months ago +1893

    What we need an explanation on is why you didn't invite Shane Dawson to your girls night 😹😹💀

    BLACKPINK Fan  4 months ago +13

    I will be still happy for u Lauren:( #IMissLaurex

  • Destiny Rebecca Ramirez
    Destiny Rebecca Ramirez  7 months ago +3

    Love you both as individuals before you got together and love you guys so much, you guys were my favorite couple but if you guys are happy that’s all that matters to me💖

  • Shanya
    Shanya  7 months ago +494

    no hate but she could of at least put one pic of Alex in for her best nine.... she said she chose pictures with associated with happiness and what she’s proud of and Alex isn’t one of them?
    P.S I support her and all but let’s be real here

  • Tisha hunter
    Tisha hunter  7 months ago +62

    Why most persons think that all YouTubers are perfect!!!! Everyone goes through heartbreaks....we're all humans for crying out loud!!! Love u so much!!!❤❤