I'm Rebuilding A Dirt Cheap Ferrari F355 (Destroyed By FIRE)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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    Today we're taking apart my cheap, extremely fire-damaged Ferrari F355, to see how much rebuilding it's going to need. Place your bets now. Thanks to AutoTempest.com for sponsoring this video!

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  • AutoTempest.com
    AutoTempest.com  11 months ago +665

    So, one of the guides on our blog had a bit of advice Tavarish really should have read... can anyone find it?

  • vwbussesareforever

    When are you ever going to finish this project?

  • Soso Mama
    Soso Mama  6 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t, I’m falling off my seat!

  • Lees706
    Lees706  7 days ago

    The insurance company should have never sold the Ferrari back to the owner. The Ferrari will never be safe enough to be road worthy. I work for All State. And this would never happen. When a car was burnt so bad as this one. There is always structural damage that can not be repaired enough to make the car safe to drive.

  • Lees706
    Lees706  7 days ago

    Total insanity! Makes no sense.

  • shumba the don
    shumba the don  7 days ago

    Damn this whip is sexy love it

  • circuspeanut83
    circuspeanut83  7 days ago

    You bought that Ferrari from another youtuber that's hilarious

  • Max B
    Max B  7 days ago

    Товарищ похож на Пушкина 😁

  • Chosen Idea
    Chosen Idea  14 days ago

    My friend was one of the first to buy one of these in Canada after selling his 348. Ferrari told him it was a car you could drive every day (which was what they actually thought). It was a beautiful looking yellow turd of a car.

  • J B
    J B  14 days ago

    Shove a twin turbo LS engine.

  • Edward Owens
    Edward Owens  14 days ago

    I know this is and Old Video but do you still have the convertible frame!

  • AMPRO Engineering
    AMPRO Engineering  14 days ago

    I may be able to 3d print the climate control parts. Message me if are interested. I have done far more complex before.

  • Signs
    Signs  14 days ago

    Why did it burn? What caused the fire? Please someone......

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C Weiss  14 days ago

    parker seems to have bad luck with other peoples cars..........just sayin'

  • Jessie nickson Dinampo

    Build more cheap Ferrari

  • Janice Karen Montilla

    The original owner for that car is a youtuber called “vehicle virgins”

  • scottyp1348
    scottyp1348  a months ago

    What’s with the really shit music? Such a shame

  • Qais almokdad
    Qais almokdad  2 months ago +1

    Hoovies garage

  • CloverHAL
    CloverHAL  2 months ago

    Nooo turbooo

  • luvdailean Steyn
    luvdailean Steyn  2 months ago

    You talk to much but I like watching your videos