Rainstorm Sounds for Relaxing, Focus or Deep Sleep | Nature White Noise | 8 Hour Video

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 22, 2018
  • Download Calm: https://calm.onelink.me/314175158?pid=YTEnjoy 8 hours of the relaxing sound of rain on leaves. You can find more music like this in the Calm app, the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation.Calm Music is specially designed in four audio categories: Focus, Relax, Sleep, and Nature Melodies. You can access this through the 'Music' button on the home screen of the app.Follow Us:Daily Calm Community on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/daily...Twitter - https://twitter.com/calmInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/calm/


  • Calleja Paul  6 months ago

    i love the part that it rains

  • Mischa_Playz *  1 months ago

    Really like it most of the time the rain is really loud in other videos but the rain is so CALM here

  • Soph  26 days ago


  • Avril Doggy lover  2 months ago

    At last, rain sounds which dont sound manufactured and harsh!!! Thank you, this is THE best sound, so relaxing, calming and helps me fall asleep.

  • Melinda Purlee  1 years ago

    I slept like a pug on a cloud

  • PlayMe  6 months ago


  • Ruby Elaine  4 months ago

    I've been looking for the right rain sound for me for YEARS and I finally found the right one! Thank you so much! 💜

  • Gabby Ramirez  1 years ago

    I got an ad by the same video oh my god

  • Patrick S  9 months ago

    Studies show that rain indeed help you sleep

  • Franky Martinez  2 months ago

    Patrick is that you ?

  • ToonieMama  1 years ago

    Saw this ad on TV the other day. Love it!! I love the rain; it's so calming!

  • ken wesaw  3 months ago

    I've always been a rainyday lover 🌧🌧⛈

  • Kamerz 299  6 months ago

    Well this took my Sunday night anxieties away

  • ᅳᅳ  1 months ago


  • Matthew Horiuchi  1 years ago

    I love having this in the background while sleeping 😴

  • Finlay Biddlesden  3 months ago

    I love having this on in the background when it’s raining..😀

  • Kiran Kaur  4 months ago

    Me toooo