Orlando Magic vs Toronto Raptors - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
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  • Ximo Pierto  3 months ago

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  • Raymond Rojo  3 months ago

    The ref that was calling that Toronto Orlando game is a wack ass refs. keep an eye out on the ball and the ball handler how could he not see that foul, he was right in front of the play! B**** ass, wack ass ref.( number 46) then tries to act like he didn't see the foul f*** that ref

  • spurs for the win  3 months ago

    hope ximo shows more of clutch times or 4th quarter instead of spending too much time on 1st quarter

  • zMr Twister  1 months ago

    Just came back to laugh at people putting down Lowry and the Raptors

  • Benji Muller  6 days ago

    @Joseph Domingo complete fax

  • @Swaeigh Productions thanks dawg

  • leafyutube  1 months ago

    Toronto Raptors - 2019 NBA champions!!!

  • Trailer Movies  1 months ago

    Let’s gooo

  • Mark Hemmings  1 months ago

    Anybody watching this after the raps made the finals😂😂

  • Edmond Dantes  1 months ago


  • Allen Salumbides  1 months ago

    And boom. The Toronto Raptors are in the NBA finals. Lmao

  • This video makes me laugh because I hate Toronto pure magic!

  • Berih al-Jeberti  1 months ago

    It's parade day

  • Kaya Peterson  1 months ago

    Raptors 2019 NBA Champs!

  • oatmeal cookie gang  1 months ago

    i come here sometimes to laugh at these people making a laughing stock out of toronto and now they win game 1 in finals

  • Ty Chi FN  15 days ago

    reminds me of how they treated the eagles.

  • Joseph Domingo  19 days ago

    @Juante stop making excuses and just admit that raptors is a better team.

  • 2tuff2manage  1 months ago

    "And the rest is history!"

  • K. Cole  1 months ago

    Now the Raps are the NBA CHAMPIONS🏆🏆🏆

  • Mahamed Hassan  1 months ago

    Auc 2.0 your prayers have been turned to reality brotha

  • Auc 2.0  1 months ago

    I pray that this comment ages well.

  • TyRanT SoLDieR  3 months ago

    Had a feeling people were sleeping on the magic. Nice game.

  • DAPPA DON  1 months ago

    Nice joke

  • Michael c  1 months ago

    Sleeping on magic lol they had no chance