Orlando Magic vs Toronto Raptors - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
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    Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | April 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  • Ximo Pierto  (Apr 13, 2019))

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  • Raymond Rojo  (Apr 14, 2019))

    The ref that was calling that Toronto Orlando game is a wack ass refs. keep an eye out on the ball and the ball handler how could he not see that foul, he was right in front of the play! B**** ass, wack ass ref.( number 46) then tries to act like he didn't see the foul f*** that ref

  • for the win spurs  (Apr 13, 2019))

    hope ximo shows more of clutch times or 4th quarter instead of spending too much time on 1st quarter

  • Magic TeamsPH  (Apr 13, 2019))

    So yall thought that Demar was the curse?Kyle: Hold my beer

  • +Demar Derozan see after they talk trash they don't bother to comment after

  • Demar Derozan  (2 days ago))


  • Da Goat  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Espn: The east is top heavyNets/Magic: Hold my beer

  • Bruce Banner  (1 day ago))

    Nets and magic got fucked game 5 lmao

  • +EpicbuildzYT and game 4 so yeah this comment needs to get deleted

  • Remis JJ  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Now we all know, who is the MOST OVERRATED player in NBA...

  • jon kon  (Apr 16, 2019))

    +Jack Daniels one game? Have u been watching the playoffs the last 3 years

  • Rase -iwnl-  (Apr 15, 2019))

    Raptors will respond Game 2, if they lose they getting sweeped

  • TyRanT SoLDieR  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Had a feeling people were sleeping on the magic. Nice game.

  • wala lng  (Apr 15, 2019))

    Looks like they aren't sweeping the magic no more

  • w a y n e  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Raptors will never win a championship with lowry

  • kornwhiskey95  (Apr 17, 2019))

    EVER!! NEVER!!

  • sdmkorn  (Apr 14, 2019))

    Craptors will never win a championship at all.

  • wata socute  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Raptor in season: JurassicRaptors in playoffs: Barney

  • Haters after 1 game: raptoes suck and they choke !,,Haters after raptors win seiries:

  • TDB  (3 days ago))

    Not looking too bad now huh? Jumping to conclusions

  • Matt M  (Apr 13, 2019))

    Raptors: Ayy Lebron’s finally outta the East! It’s our time now!Magic: 😂

  • Richard Ross  (3 days ago))

    Magic isn't real...bubble burst.

  • TDB  (5 days ago))

    How’s that going now?

  • P G __ R O S E  (Apr 13, 2019))

    DJ Augustine Had a Monster Game What a way to To start the playoffs 👏🏽👌🏽

  • derozanfan10  (Apr 15, 2019))

    +SlamCity Xx Craptors

  • SlamCity Xx  (Apr 14, 2019))


  • George Yip  (Apr 14, 2019))

    Lin could play better than Lowry.

  • crossover poem  (Apr 16, 2019))

    +xBLACKNINJAx fuck you, broke ass bitch

  • Khyahrii Aloysius S  (Apr 16, 2019))

    +xBLACKNINJAx that's the problem with you guys. Isn't it? Should have let Lin play for 12mins. He wasn't good during the regular season but things could be different for him in playoffs. Never know. 🖕