Chill Study Beats 5 • jazz & lofi hiphop Mix [2018]

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 25, 2018
  • We’re back with another 2 hours of smooth beats! We got a bunch of unreleased tracks involved so keep your eyes open for our upcoming releases. Shoutout to all the artists involved and good luck with your exams! 🎧 Similar Music on Spotify » 🎧 Tracklist: (* = Unreleased) *0:00 Harris Cole X Aso - Close to *2:16 Remulak X Liphe - Wonder4:57 J’san - Movie Scene *7:24 Fujitsu - Sand Castles *9:53 Harris Cole X Aso - safe , now13:02 Leavv - Tomorrow *15:53 plusma - albatros18:38 tusken - winterrain21:30 Monma - ManaTree23:52 Hm Surf - Swix *25:48 Philanthrope - Satoshi (unreleased)28:11 FloFilz - Blue Orchard30:27 chief. - reach *32:32 Philanthrope X Psalm Trees - She Left Me w/ fantom power35:34 Juan Rios - praia *38:47 santpoort - rolling down this lazy wave *41:23 Aso - Sundays *44:54 Mommy X delayde - flashes of calm *47:27 Harris Cole X Aso - still50:30 Mujo - harakiri52:19 Made in M X ntourage - Nevoeiro54:26 ØDYSSEE - MILANO56:25 Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are58:32 BLNKSPC - STICKY1:02:08 chief. - empty cups1:04:12 Leavv - echoes1:06:35 Hm surf - Take Care1:08:44 Invention - Landrace1:11:10 FloFilz X Psalm Trees - Smooth Wit’ Any Groove1:13:52 Jhfly - gems1:16:08 quickly, quickly - altruism1:18:18 Joe Corfield - Burp1:19:49 Kendall Miles - Isla Bella1:21:44 Kupla X J’san - Fireflies *1:23:34 Leavv - Kairos w/Psalm Trees1:26:48 less.people - look what you’ve done1:29:21 masked man - I can’t sleep because of this song1:31:38 Toonorth - Maybe1:33:18 aimless - I’ve been missing you lately w/ J’san *1:34:41 Pandrezz - Exactly w/J’san1:36:55 Psalm Trees - Prayer *1:39:26 Flitz&Suppe - Reverie w/Fujitsu1:41:56 Moose Dawa - Back Home *1:44:04 Fujitsu - Walk along the Dock1:46:24 Tane - Lovely1:49:03 Seneca B - Sunshine1:52:32 Hm surf - oracle night *1:55:00 Mommy X Philanthrope - Light Strands (Demo)1:56:46 Aso - Goodbye🙌 Follow the artistsHarris Cole » » » »’san » » » » » Surf » » » » Trees » » » » » » in M » » » » » » » , quickly » Corfield » Miles » » » man » » » » » » B » » 📷 Illustration / animation by:Jeoffrey Magellan » http://jeoffreymagellan.tumblr.com Dubray »☕ Follow ChillhopSpotify / Bandcamp » » » http://chillhop.comYouTube » » »❔ Useful LinksSubmit Music » our Music in Videos »


  • Chillhop Music
    Chillhop Music  3 months ago +37

    🙏Chill Study Beats 6 out now! »
    Full supports folks!

  • David Schaffter
    David Schaffter  a years ago +1754

    Whoever did the art for this one has got to give himself or herself a pat on the back.

  • Ben Wang
    Ben Wang  a years ago +1787

    Stop scrolling around in the comments and get back to studying!!! Finals are coming!!!

  • Samantha T
    Samantha T  a years ago +765

    Clicked for the music, stayed for the tiny raccoon fingers typing.

  • Car Silk
    Car Silk  a years ago +528

    The aesthetic of that room is golden

  • Jessica Lingner
    Jessica Lingner  5 months ago +104

    okay is it just me or does anyone want this raccoons room right now?

  • kell Camppos
    kell Camppos  10 months ago +350

    oh man, I cant believe I'm jealous of this raccoon.

  • Arievenas Mahika
    Arievenas Mahika  a years ago +259

    I just want to be that raccoon someday.

  • Irene Skahen
    Irene Skahen  7 months ago +112

    I would love to have my bed next to a window like that. So relaxing to just watch the rain, snow, or sunshine streaming in. Even just to listen to some lofi and think about life while staring into space. Come home from school, turn the soft lights on and do my homework. Such an awesome feeling. My god I can't believe I am jealous of a raccoon's bedroom right now.

  • MiMiB__ _
    MiMiB__ _  a years ago +123

    Its so cute when he yawns!!

  • Solar_
    Solar_  3 months ago +36

    ❤️hey. get some sleep. we all love you. drink plenty of water, and eat healthy.

    💛don't worry, you'll pass that test. as long as you tried your best, and learnt at least something, it's okay if you get a low grade. try your best and don't worry.

    💚its okay, you'll feel better soon, i know it. these "episodes" suck. you'll get through it. everyone loves you.

    💙its okay, you deserve someone who won't leave you. not someone who would do that to you.

    💜get some rest, eat healthy, and drink lots of water.

  • KDASthenerd
    KDASthenerd  a years ago +156

    I want to live in this universe where the clocks are stuck at 00:27!!!
    Not saying it's bad, the art is great.

  • Sonia
    Sonia  a years ago +143

    Love the background... I need this room

  • Matthew Lambert
    Matthew Lambert  14 days ago

    Dig the art ...and love how his cell phone battery is charging 😁 me all day with these business classes... racoon is the best study buddy🙏🙏

  • Gacha cryztal Anime cotton kitty flower

    roses are red
    voilets are blue
    stop looking at comments
    you have work to do

  • Figgs313
    Figgs313  a years ago +84

    Now I see what Rocket is up to when he isn't acting

  • ApexTrueno
    ApexTrueno  a years ago +71

    I swear, I've been sitting in the live stream with this raccoon everyday.

    GOJISAMA  10 months ago

    I love coming here and listening to music, it's so good!
    The art and the animations are amazing! I wish I could had such a cool room with a calm atmosphere just like this! >o<

  • S Z
    S Z  a years ago +83

    Dubai, 10:00 PM on a Sunday night, I am finalizing a marketing project for school ... I have this running in the background and I make sure to check every half an hour to see if my raccoon friend has fallen asleep!

  • Lars Graetz
    Lars Graetz  4 days ago

    I wish i had an infinite amount of time to study :D