Drake: Jungle (Official Audio & Lyrics)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 21, 2017


  • Young Mcgrady  1 years ago

    A girl I used to kick it with died last year in a car accident, and the first time we chilled we listened to this and smoked a blunt... Man.. Everytime I hear this song it ends with tears. RIP Alissa.. I'll never forget our time together.

  • brianna nuñez  2 days ago

    i’m sorry for you’re loss bro. 🥺

  • Hayden  8 days ago

    Young Mcgrady damn bro

  • Buba Buba  1 years ago

    This is the most beautiful song drake has ever made

  • andrea  9 days ago

    wanted to like this but it’s at 420 likes lmao

  • JCYEAH  28 days ago

    Agree anf disagree drake has too many grear songs CONNECT .. GODS PLAN ALONE IS ONE OF THE MOST SIMPLISTIC BUT MEANINGFUL SONGS EVER .. Check Drake - FIRE & Disire

  • Chloe Abrams  10 months ago

    MOST UNDERRATED DRAKE SONGS:Jungle From TimeDoing it WrongToo MuchMarvin's Room like if yall agree :)

  • D. Mena  6 days ago

    A night off, club paradise, baby come wit me

  • Lucas Borges  15 days ago

    Shot for me too

  • Diandra Ortiz  1 years ago

    This song makes me sad over a relationship I never had 😂😝😭

  • Daycia Peart  3 months ago

    @That Guy lmao

  • Julian Garcia  4 months ago

    Diandra Ortiz TELL ME WHY🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Lizzy Ramirez  1 years ago

    drake can get you in your feelings anywhere , I'm at school doing math problems 😭🔥💀

  • Yolanda Steplight  1 months ago

    Lizzy Ramirez ♋️♊️♊️

  • Jalapeno Papi  8 months ago

    lanaydra williams because she used to be the 1😭😭💔

  • Ugh always brings back memories with that one girl but sucks how she can just go with another guy and totaly forget about you like nothing. Hurts alot

  • You gotta evolve to be a dog bro

  • Antell West  11 months ago

    It's reality = it's real

  • Anu Malepeai  11 months ago

    This song hurts me because I used to bump dis w/ people who betrayed me.. Like this if u still listening in 2018

  • Alicia Stroud  1 months ago

    Anu Malepeai 2019 and fuk em - keep doing u

  • Flam3z_ FN  2 months ago

    Anu Malepeai me 2029

  • Kedar Akim  1 years ago

    Call your number and it’s out of service/who can I call for your information?/what am I ‘spose to do after we done everything that we done who is your replacement....damn

  • Marco Hernandez  2 months ago

    Heather Bonita icu boy

  • Heather Bonita  5 months ago

    I fucked my boyfriend to this song.

  • Eazyy PSN  1 years ago

    3:49 🤷🏼‍♂️"What am I supposed to do after we've done everything that we've done who is your replacement?"

  • Julian Garcia  4 months ago

    Eazyy PSN 👀 👀

  • 302jayy _  5 months ago

    Eazyy PSN o o

  • Chaz Mercedes  1 years ago

    "That, or it never existed..."

  • Yolanda Steplight  1 months ago

    Good work 👑👑👑👑