5 Easy Breakfasts - You Suck at Cooking (episode 64)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 17, 2017
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    Breakfast. It's the only meal that describes the speed at which it should be consumed. But is it worth it? Let's leave that to the scientists.


  • Oliver Brown
    Oliver Brown  yesterday

    Was the toast worth it?

  • Nicholas Jesseman

    Nuking an egg, that's like using a socket wrench to hammer a nail, it'll probably work but that's not the right tool for the job

  • Jamie Moss
    Jamie Moss  3 days ago

    I guess I cheated the system, I’m a home owner who has made avocado toast.

  • Wumpis
    Wumpis  5 days ago

    Spoiler alert: it was worth it. Avocado is fucking amazing

  • azukə
    azukə  14 days ago

    i tried a few out and ngl the dogs were the best so i recommend them ;)

  • Kimberly Longshore

    His videos give me alantutorial vibes.

  • Pineapple Police
    Pineapple Police  14 days ago

    I just noticed this video is exactly 5 min long

  • ActionJacksonBMX
    ActionJacksonBMX  14 days ago

    All the abrev's, or apparitions as they are called in Japan, just fills me with joy.

  • Ethan Fishell
    Ethan Fishell  21 days ago +1

    0:50 Its not called "scramble." The proper term is "scrangjangle."

  • Adrian Pavic
    Adrian Pavic  21 days ago

    He actually put a zipper onto a banana 😂

  • Scroopy Noopers
    Scroopy Noopers  21 days ago

    I wish I could slap this guy

  • I'mWatchingYou Ppl


  • Emily Bensted
    Emily Bensted  21 days ago +1

    I think this is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • tolisthekid
    tolisthekid  a months ago +1

    okay! slice of takeaway pizza it is!

  • No dignity
    No dignity  a months ago

    The avocado toast boomers has to be the funniest bit of this video.

  • Onetoxicboi1436
    Onetoxicboi1436  a months ago +1

    The muglet:) I bought the book😂

    YEE YEE JUICE  a months ago +2

    Omg im so scared of this channel it does something to my brain i cant tell if anything is real anymore

  • AceXxsniperxX68
    AceXxsniperxX68  a months ago +1

    The easiest breakfast when you poor

    Water 😂

  • Bri Rodriguez
    Bri Rodriguez  a months ago +2

    Instructions unclear,I teleported into the wall

  • EENT Laboratories
    EENT Laboratories  a months ago +1

    How the fuck do I still not have these ingredients