I Bought 2 Wrecked Harleys!!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
  • Matthew Cherrington
    P.O. BOX 113



  • Cory Harrison
    Cory Harrison  1 months ago

    How do you get these off of salvage?

  • The Chief Engineer
    The Chief Engineer  3 months ago

    What is the name of this place ?

  • daphoenixto
    daphoenixto  6 months ago

    So Matt tell me as an Ol sled driver myself you must love the sound of whistling ...could you entertain me with how fast you have to go to get your ear hole thingies whistling 20 -40 MPH ....you look so cool with your ear lobe big enough to stick a dick in.....

  • Pete Le Boydre
    Pete Le Boydre  6 months ago

    Nice good score you have to start somewhere.

  • Ronnie Curnutt
    Ronnie Curnutt  11 months ago

    They have a place like that down by Cincinnati where you can buy repossessed and wrecked bikes

  • grom life
    grom life  a years ago

    U should get another honda grom bro!! There so much fun!!😁😀

  • Nice1dom
    Nice1dom  a years ago

    Haha. Miles aren't nothing on a harley*

  • Nec Big Dog Ozzi
    Nec Big Dog Ozzi  a years ago

    Salvage title I'm assuming? I am a harley person and honestly I would think twice and possibly avoid a harley with a salvage title good luck.

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby  a years ago

    I'm in Plain City where is this Yard at? I've been looking for a project bike

  • Richard Tschida
    Richard Tschida  a years ago

    Wow Matt this is exciting I have to say that I am a little jealous. This all looks so cool man wishin ya all kinds of success. The new content sounds like it will be interesting and entertaining looking forward to things to come.

    GO4RIDER  a years ago

    🤗 yup, going to be a blast! 😉 love ya!

  • harpevan
    harpevan  a years ago

    I think what you’re doing is awesome man! My mom had a girl pull out in front of her about 6 weeks ago. She is healing from the injuries with a couple of surgeries to go but she is most broken up about her bike. Hers was an 05 sportster 1200xl, she had it perfect! She finally let go of it yesterday, tow truck came and picked it up. We will keep watching your awesome content as long as you make it!

  • Big Beast GY6
    Big Beast GY6  a years ago

    Awesome Matt! Looking forward to what comes ahead. Yeah, good choice not taking the Triumph. They're a bit um....what's the word....never working lol. Harley's are work horses. Honestly think you could make a Harley better than Harley can

  • Pelle
    Pelle  a years ago


  • Mike Holly
    Mike Holly  a years ago

    Hey Matt I'm in akron have been looking for a wrecked dyna for awhile what yard did you go to? Can't wait till superfly to hang with you again .I caught you about 2 years ago leaving superfly you put the black civic in the end of one of the videos

  • mud hustle
    mud hustle  a years ago

    I would have got all 3. But looks like your gonna be busy until spring. Where will you sell these bikes?

  • lee webb
    lee webb  a years ago

    Good luck buddy 🤪 will look forward to see how you get on 👍 all the best ✌️💚

  • MickRick E
    MickRick E  a years ago

    There's a lot more profit to be made in breaking the bike's for salvage, you have the shed's and enough ground. Your only out lay is purchase, get of your ass and hit the auctions to get the best prices. In three year's you'll be looking for a bigger property, good luck Matt.

  • David Leaghty
    David Leaghty  a years ago

    I'll put something on fb for the fork tubes.

  • LongIslandADED
    LongIslandADED  a years ago

    👍🏾 that's what's up Matt