Pink Floors Makeover! | Office Goals on the Road | Mr. Kate

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 30, 2017
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  • The Li Family  1 years ago

    You guys should have your own Netflix series.

  • Marely Ramirez  10 months ago

    The Li Family sorry I meant to like it

  • Darla Gilmore  11 months ago

    I Know right

  • kayexists  1 years ago

    "open your eyes in 1 2 3" *ad comes on*

  • Slime vs Squishy's  2 months ago

    KayCats 104 lol that is exactly what happened to me 😱

  • Anisha Sood  5 months ago

    Yes, That was annoying.

  • Fianna Murdoch  1 years ago

    Please , please , please can you or joey make a video demonstrating how to do all the practical stuff like switching the light fixtures and how to mount wall brackets. It would be so extremely helpful.

  • bina02ful  1 years ago

    Fianna Murdoch There are tons of videos on youtube about that simple stuff

  • Agatha jay  1 years ago

    Fianna Murdoch Yes. Please. I want to know how to take down and put up light.

  • chulsee  1 years ago

    Kate wearing the click five shirt is friggin adorable! ❤️ couple goals

  • Bella Bea  1 years ago

    chulsee ikr

  • 1stepcl0ser  1 years ago

    chulsee thx!!

  • Brian Lum  1 years ago


  • Sophie Yau Lim  1 years ago

    That’s why it’s called office goals

  • Khadijah Diab  1 years ago

    Brian Lum ه

  • Meg Reidler  1 years ago

    Did anyone else notice Kate’s The Click 5 tee?? #WifeGoals❤️❤️

  • Hailey Owens  5 months ago

    Yea I did so crazy you noticed it too

  • Raphael Gomes  1 years ago

    i need to know where you guys got that sign from, it's so cool

  • Sabah  6 months ago

    You should get Mr.Kate to fly out to help you with your new apartment!

  • Peaches !  7 months ago

    Woah I didnt know u watched this type of content (ilysm you are one of my favorite content creators)

  • Michi Contreras  1 years ago

    So much Mr. Kate lately!! You’re blessing us with these uploads xx

  • Caitlin Denise  1 years ago

    Michi Contreras RT

  • Røsie  1 years ago

    My favourite time is when you uploaded so I can stop studying for finals 😂👌ALSO THIS LOOKS INCREDIBLE OML

  • Erum Qamar  1 years ago

    Chillin with Emii haha i am on my finals too

  • CurlyB  1 years ago

    I saw Kate’s shirt and I saw The click five and I remember liking one of their songs years ago. I look up the song and I see Joey on the cover... WHAAAT?! I’m probably like super late on this but wow this is so cool I’m just discovering this 😂😂

  • Kelsey Gonzalez  3 months ago

    Wait wtf how did I not know this! I used to jam out to them in like 2005

  • Alyssa Luciano  1 years ago

    Bruh same I just found this out today💀