Tuna - You Suck at Cooking (episode 2)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 15, 2015
  • Subscribe if you would synchronize swim with a tuna in the Pacific: http://bit.ly/1HuynlYMusically ridiculous Bean and Corn Salad: http://bit.ly/1Df8aWOThis is the kind of delicious that will literally make your face explode so be very careful when you make this recipe.


  • T1J
    T1J  3 years ago +5443

    this channel is 100% going to blow up

  • Amin Ben
    Amin Ben  3 years ago +2694

    What's "Pepper"?
    Is it anything like "Pepper Pepper Pepper"?

  • Karissa Bo Bissa
    Karissa Bo Bissa  3 years ago +2100

    Can't believe you only said pepper once

  • zalien6
    zalien6  3 years ago +2610

    Disclaimer: You need a cat for this recipe so if you don't have a cat then don't try this because it won't work.

  • BBQGuys
    BBQGuys  3 years ago +2460

    I need to practice my auto chop.

  • V K
    V K  3 years ago +2918

    ONE PEPPER? Unsubbed.

  • Joshua Haberkorn
    Joshua Haberkorn  2 months ago +157

    If you put on the captions, it actually says "pepper pepper pepper" when he uses it. I'm done.

  • Sophie Rosette
    Sophie Rosette  3 years ago +1655

    this. this is why the internet was created, for content gold like this.

  • PieNinjaProductions
    PieNinjaProductions  3 years ago +424

    WAIT WHAT! The Iphone shows him moving it around? He was lying to us? I THOUGHT MAGIC IS REAL!

  • TryHardGaming
    TryHardGaming  3 years ago +240

    I'm getting more of a chime type sound with my cranberries? What am I doing wrong..? Thanks in advance!

  • lima bean kin
    lima bean kin  2 years ago +140

    you didnt say "pepper, pepper, pepper"

  • Crungo Bungo
    Crungo Bungo  2 years ago +612

    I don't have a cat. fish though!

  • amanda cabrera
    amanda cabrera  3 years ago +151

    if i dont have a cat should i give it to my husband?

  • Flex 36
    Flex 36  3 years ago +97

    Did no one else notice the iPod/iPhone that was playing the video as it was recorded?

  • Half_Centaur
    Half_Centaur  4 years ago +216

    Any bets on how long until this guy has 100,000 subscribers? I say it happens by the end of the year. This stuff is great.

  • Ang E
    Ang E  2 years ago +54

    i don't remember giving him my number

    RZE ROWLAND  3 years ago +49

    I just got my appendix removed a few days ago and I've been watching these non stop. It hurts to laugh but this is just gold. Thanks for making hilarious videos!

  • K M
    K M  2 years ago +47

    I don't have a cat, can I replace it with my goldfish?

  • GerikDT
    GerikDT  3 years ago +131

    I like to put this in my cereal.

  • Kimtrovert
    Kimtrovert  3 years ago +66

    What do the cranberries do for the tuna aside from providing a sick beat?