Roasted Brussels Sprouts - You Suck at Cooking (episode 12)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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  • Rachel Pang
    Rachel Pang  2 years ago +1855

    Imagine seeing this guy with a camera, just chucking brussel sprouts all over the park

  • Ryan Whitaker
    Ryan Whitaker  4 years ago +2633

    I had fun imagining you running around a trail, alone, rolling a brussel sprout and filming it.

  • KrazyKaiser
    KrazyKaiser  3 years ago +454

    OMG He actually put the food in the oven instead of the onion.

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker  3 years ago +555

    I can't help but picture someone rolling a brussel sprout down a path in short bursts, frantically chasing it with a camera.

  • Terioth
    Terioth  2 years ago +990

    I cried when the brusselsprout made it to his fam

  • ItsBenbetter
    ItsBenbetter  3 years ago +902

    You saved enough for the hammer Congrats!!!!

  • Jay Jean
    Jay Jean  2 years ago +357

    A grown man passes you on the street, running after and filming a brussel sprout. What do you do?

  • Mokujin
    Mokujin  4 years ago +298

    Be free Brussel be free.........

  • Minh Vo
    Minh Vo  3 years ago +442

    "If you don't want kids you better pull out, brussel sprout" how have I only found this channel today

  • The Last Methbender
    The Last Methbender  4 years ago +107

    This is my favorite youtube channel that insults me while watching it

  • Jared Scruggs
    Jared Scruggs  4 years ago +219

    Hey, you got the hammer you were saving up for! Congrats!

  • Joshua Rich
    Joshua Rich  2 years ago +191

    That Brussel sprout was pro at making friends ,It should write a self help book...You know for confidence n stuff

    BATTLECRY 731  2 years ago +37

    I need what ever he's on

  • Viking the Mad
    Viking the Mad  3 years ago +58

    Delicious salty plant nuggets.

  • Quentinni Q
    Quentinni Q  2 years ago +74

    I squeezed my brussel sprouts too hard and they turned into peas what do I do now?

  • Jory Porteous
    Jory Porteous  2 years ago +26

    I wonder what his neighbors were thinking when he was just rolling a small green vegetable on the sidewalk and filming it.

  • Kyle Nelson
    Kyle Nelson  2 years ago +59

    I love how you make me feel self conscious about how bad I am at cooking, then you show us a new comfort food recipe. Thank you, You Suck At Cooking, for making me feel bad...
    Not really, I feel great. But thanks for sharing recipes.

  • John Man
    John Man  3 years ago +177

    If you look closely, you can see Brussels sprouts

  • The _Mr.l
    The _Mr.l  3 years ago +30

    Cutting them in half is good too lel

  • Phoenix Pontifex
    Phoenix Pontifex  3 years ago +7

    The elegance of that rolling brussel sprout...that was just beautiful, it rolling across the ground, genuinely beautiful.