Yiruma (이루마) - 87 Song Golden Collection [OUTDATED: READ DESCRIPTION!]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 1, 2013
  • NEW UPDATE 12/30/16: New Yiruma Collection: http://www.youtube.com/r-dWl-5ier4THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED, Check out the new video with more songs and sound fixes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzOzpx...Check out my Joe Hisaishi Collection!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxd4bY...87 Yiruma Songs all in one package in this video! Perfect for studying, relaxing, or just simply listening to good music. Hope you enjoy! :DAll music used in this video belong to Yiruma. No copyright intended.Music Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for non-profit purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.(0:00:04) 1. Love Me(0:04:04) 2. Wait There(0:08:54) 3. One Day I Will Leave Behind(0:13:05) 4. Inside of Me(0:16:15) 5. Autumn Scene(0:20:44) 6. A Winter Story(0:24:05) 7. Spring Time(0:28:12) 8. When the Love Falls(0:31:25) 9. Tears on Love(0:34:57) 10. Looking Back(0:40:15) 11. Because I Love You(0:43:44) 12. Poem(0:46:55) 13. Sunny Rain(0:51:38) 14. What Beautiful Stars(0:54:25) 15. Poemusician(0:57:46) 16. Till I Find You(1:01:21) 17. If I Could See You Again(1:04:34) 18. Love Hurts(1:06:44) 19. Time Forgets(1:11:33) 20. The Moment(1:15:33) 21. Moonlight(1:19:01) 22. Dreams(1:22:39) 23. Fairy Tale(1:25:54) 24. My Memory(1:30:17) 25. It's Your Day(1:33:51) 26. 27 May(1:37:25) 27. Wonder Boy(1:41:22) 28. Do You?(1:45:27) 29. River Flows in You(1:48:24) 30. Kiss the Rain(1:52:39) 31. I(1:56:40) 32. Maybe(2:00:31) 33. Chaconne(2:04:16) 34. Indigo(2:07:16) 35. Falling(2:10:50) 36. Sky(2:14:32) 37. Journey(2:18:20) 38. The Same Old Story(2:21:56) 39. Sometimes... Someone(2:26:10) 40. Destiny of Love(2:30:56) 41. Ribbonized(2:36:22) 42. Memories in My Eyes(2:41:09) 43. The Day After(2:44:54) 44. Lord... Hold My Hand(2:48:10) 45. One Day Diary(2:55:39) 46. The Yellow Room(2:59:21) 47. Beloved(3:03:41) 48. Love(3:09:18) 49. All Myself(3:12:56) 50. Spring Rain(3:16:51) 51. Letter(3:20:48) 52. Gabriel(3:24:47) 53. Farewell(3:27:06) 54. Happy Couple, Sad Couple, and Happy Again(3:30:32) 55. Loanna(3:34:50) 56. Joy(3:38:16) 57. My Belief(3:42:21) 58. Eve(3:45:41) 59. The Things I Really(3:49:20) 60. To My Y(3:53:49) 61. Nocturnal Rainbow(3:57:38) 62. Be My First(4:02:28) 63. Fotografia(4:05:49) 64. The Scenery Begins(4:09:55) 65. Mika's Song(4:12:36) 66. Left My Hearts(4:15:41) 67. As You Wish(4:18:30) 68. Nothing to Say(4:22:41) 69. Remember the Scene(4:27:01) 70. Papillon(4:30:29) 71. He Knows My Name(4:35:26) 72. My Heart I Give to You(4:39:00) 73. Piano(4:41:24) 74. Nocturn(4:45:33) 75. Elegy(4:49:50) 76. Eversince(4:54:36) 77. Landscape Seen From My Window     (내 창가에서 보이는 풍경) (4:58:01) 78. Memories Remain Forever in Two     (추억과 함께 영원히 둘로 남는다) (5:01:28) 79. The Last Sound (마지막 소리) (5:05:04) 80. Reflection of Myself(5:09:36) 81. The Sunbeams... They Scatter(5:13:28) 82. Our Same Word(5:15:46) 83. Sad Love Story(5:17:59) 84. White Shadow(5:20:28) 85. Lost In Island(5:23:44) 86. Butterfly(5:26:35) 87. HopeThe music used in this video are for non-profit fair use.iTunes links (Yiruma Collections):-First Love: http://goo.gl/T1b58R-From the Yellow Room: http://goo.gl/RhBsVh-The Best -- Reminiscent 10th Anniversary: http://goo.gl/6CSzYg-Love Scene: http://goo.gl/oDTVE0-The Very Best of Yiruma -- Yiruma and Piano: http://goo.gl/cAsJq0-Puppy Dung: http://goo.gl/WhcgPU-P.N.O.N.I: http://goo.gl/PBjrL2-Stay in Memory: http://goo.gl/fMqZjf-Nocturnal Lights... They Scatter: http://goo.gl/N3fyDC-Poemusic -- The Same Old Story: http://goo.gl/K1CP9V-H.I.S Monologue One Day Diary: http://goo.gl/ergqGgWARNING TO HEADPHONE USERS: At 21:27 and 21:48 there are loud sound cracks in the music that may damage your ears. It's a processing issue, but either way turn down the volume when you are around 20-21 minutes into the video. Sorry. D:


  • 박지원  3 years ago

    감사합니다. 공부하거나 집중할 때 들으려고 구독신청했네요. 이루마 음악도 자주 들어야겠어요.

  • ray matthews  a months ago

    I love his music, this for me is not outdated. It is soothing and inspirational.

  • おのあや  1 months ago

    Mr. Yiruma song Golden Collection💓Love ∞ 「Thank you very much 💐soundscape 🍀」🌏🗾🗺️🌍🌎earth🎧🎼🎵🎹🎵🎶Fan Aya 💗

  • Vandevegte Maria  3 years ago

    Esta musica te hace sentir, como si estuvieras en otro mundo. Es realmente unico!

  • YirumaCollection  5 years ago

    Check out the updated video: Yiruma (이루마) - 115 Song Golden CollectionThe loud sound crack at 21:28 is fixed, and 28 new songs are added.

  • 한국사람?

  • Vlevo Vlevo  1 years ago

    YirumaCollection ,ㅈㅕㅔㅑㅗㄹㅏ화ㅓ하

  • Ashnita W  3 months ago

    My favorite lullabyGoodnight

  • Rishii Nandhan  5 years ago

    beautiful music.....moves your soul

  • 전소현  1 months ago

    I love kind of this music . When I do meditation or study , i listen to that music . I love piano sound . It make me feel comfortable

  • 大Jang  5 years ago

    How awesome would it be if you're lying in bed and a beautiful streak of sunlight shines into your room while these songs are playing. Orgy indeed.

  • 大Jang ㅣ

  • and if ...translate on laptopan old bookand out is fog ...just ...

  • Tim Whybrow  2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! Good stuff xxox