Amy Schumer Goes Undercover on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube | Actually Me | GQ

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 16, 2018
  • On this episode of "Actually Me," Amy Schumer goes undercover on Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, Wikipedia and more sites. Now that Amy Schumer is married, what is she going to make jokes about? Is she still friends with Jennifer Lawrence? Why did she chose to become a comedian? Find all that out and more in this video. Amy Schumer stars in "I Feel Pretty," which debuts in theaters April 20th.

    See Amy Schumer's "Actually Me" profiles here:
    Instagram: @actuallyamyschumer

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    Amy Schumer Goes Undercover on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube | Actually Me | GQ


  • Salil saxena
    Salil saxena  20 hours ago +1


  • Mary M
    Mary M  7 days ago

    she is not behaving undercover as the title of the video implies

  • Sagiv Bh
    Sagiv Bh  21 days ago

    I like Amy Schumer

  • PSW1980 X
    PSW1980 X  a months ago

    Why Did Amy Schumer allegedly pay Comics too keep quiet about her Joke theft.

  • PSW1980 X
    PSW1980 X  a months ago

    Why does Amy Schumer Not wanna do a polygraph test

  • PSW1980 X
    PSW1980 X  a months ago

    Why does Amy Steal Jokes ?

  • Billy Piggott
    Billy Piggott  a months ago +1

    Your not funny

  • Billy Piggott
    Billy Piggott  a months ago +1

    You go to the gym that much and your still fat

  • dominic parry
    dominic parry  a months ago

    "Dont get amy Schumer's humor" yeh cuz its hers in the first place?

  • Neha Shree
    Neha Shree  a months ago +1

    "Why aren't there more women in comedy? There are. Go look at them" Love you Amy ❤️

  • B Brunnin
    B Brunnin  a months ago +1

    Love her. Totes BAE. Hilarious!

  • kimberly roberts
    kimberly roberts  a months ago +1

    so many more dislikes than likes lmAOO

  • PResin Official.
    PResin Official.  a months ago

    0:43 Her answer is obviously a lie.

  • Sunday BG
    Sunday BG  a months ago

    I don’t know why I torture myself with watching Amy Schumer

  • Xemerius Sieben
    Xemerius Sieben  a months ago

    Why is she so incredible unbearable?

  • Filósofo dos Games
    Filósofo dos Games  2 months ago

    If you came here looking for a woman doing good comedy, leave asap and check out Betty White. You won't regret it.

  • r
    r  2 months ago

    the cringe is too much

  • Stephano Zurita
    Stephano Zurita  2 months ago

    easy when you censor what people really say about you ...

  • Sarah
    Sarah  2 months ago

    Why are people so mean in the comments?

  • Claudia Vlahović
    Claudia Vlahović  2 months ago