What Things Will Disappear In Just 20 Years?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Do you remember when you stopped using your VCR? What about your flip phone or CDs? Flip phones were once the newest technology, and now they’re the oldest. The sky’s the limit when it comes to technology! There are always innovations seeking to replace our old gadgets with smaller, faster, and more convenient devices. Only a few treasured things have survived from the days when we used the VCR, but it won’t be long before we forget about them too.

    Side mirrors 1:49
    Remote controls 2:41
    Cash and credit cards 3:21
    Keys 4:07
    Wires 4:54
    Syringes 5:33
    Delivery Services 6:27
    Signatures 7:20
    Plastic Bags 7:58
    Computer Mouse 8:40
    Bonus: Your boss could be cloned. 9:23


    -Audi will be launching cars without side mirrors in 2019. The system will use small, exterior, built-in cameras to project to the inside of the car.
    -Some cable companies have created smartphone apps to control your cable. Remote controls will become obsolete as our tablets and smartphones will be able to accomplish the same tasks.
    -MasterCard has introduced a technology called Selfie Pay where all you need to do is take a picture of yourself and pay through facial recognition.
    -Companies are trying to create more secure and efficient security systems. Just imagine being able to command your car or apartment to open by using your voice, an app on your phone, a retinal scan, or your DNA.
    -Wireless-charging technology is always improving, and a lot of phones already support this technology.
    -Researchers at MIT have created a capsule that you take orally, and it’s equipped with tiny needles that release the medicine straight into your digestive tract and into your bloodstream.
    -During the most recent years, we’ve witnessed many experiments with drones trying to deliver goods and replace delivery persons.
    -In the future, all you’ll need to sign an important document will be your face.
    -Several environmentally friendly countries and cities have fought against the use of plastic bags: New York, Kenya, and the UK, and Boston will soon join them. They push their citizens to use reusable bags.
    -EvoMouse, a South Korean company, has already introduced a mouse that turns your finger into the pointer.
    -Daniel Kalt is a busy chief investment officer for a Swiss bank.. An artificial intelligence expert was hired to create Kalt’s digital clone.

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    BRIGHT SIDE  a years ago +427

    Side mirrors 1:49
    Remote controls 2:41
    Cash and credit cards 3:21
    Keys 4:07
    Wires 4:54
    Syringes 5:33
    Delivery Services 6:27
    Signatures 7:20
    Plastic Bags 7:58
    Computer Mouse 8:40
    Bonus: Your boss could be cloned. 9:23

  • Rafay Shakeel
    Rafay Shakeel  2 hours ago

    These things are destroying us

  • Ooo M
    Ooo M  10 hours ago

    what are they talking about

  • ian Johnson
    ian Johnson  yesterday

    Will DVDs disappear in 20 years

  • Laura Vergara
    Laura Vergara  yesterday

    I think the world is good just the way it is

  • Michael Shibu
    Michael Shibu  2 days ago +1

    Flying vehicles and free WiFi everywhere
    That's what I want

  • NASH videos
    NASH videos  3 days ago

    its 2019 theres a side mirrors in the cars lol😅

  • Irvin Moreno
    Irvin Moreno  3 days ago

    The clone machine

  • MP498
    MP498  4 days ago

    I don't think I want my boss cloned

  • overhaul stuff
    overhaul stuff  4 days ago

    actually i stopped using a VCR like 4 years after people started using the DVD player

  • Jack Stretton
    Jack Stretton  4 days ago +1

    I don’t like this , it gives me so much anxiety ... 😨

  • Danilo Darmanović

    Space technology, AI, Nanotechnology, and all the stuff we have today, but still, we do not have ONE thing.
    Free Netflix forever

  • WobbleStone
    WobbleStone  5 days ago

    noooo gaming mouse is cool and it will always be

  • GAMER And Cousins Rule
    GAMER And Cousins Rule  6 days ago +1

    Bright side 2 years ago : imagine in 20 years time u press a button to start a car
    2 years later = Cars are arriving with out keys but with buttons

  • Ripper Rice
    Ripper Rice  6 days ago

    Nooooo! I have to have my wired earphones ... wireless headphones don't really work out 4 me cuz u have to recharge them and the best 1s are really expensive

  • Randy Stegemann
    Randy Stegemann  7 days ago

    The reason for selfie pay will be that nobody can sign their name anymore.

  • Lovely Rose
    Lovely Rose  7 days ago

    90s and 2000s be like: you used to call me on your fLiP phone 👏🏽😂

  • Hollowpea Snapea9192

    Anyone watching in 2020 like if you watch in 2020

  • Zakariya yousaf
    Zakariya yousaf  7 days ago

    what do you mean because I use an early computer(just joking)

  • Mona Biehl
    Mona Biehl  7 days ago

    OK, but I want something that will clean my house and do my laundry.