Watch the US stall on climate change for 12 years

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • It was once a bipartisan issue, but now one of America's major parties acts like climate science doesn't exist. This is an updated version of a video we published in 2016.

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  • Vox
    Vox  11 months ago +653

    A new UN report predicts that we have as few as 12 years to make drastic changes to the global energy infrastructure if we want to curtail climate change in time. Read more:

  • Jonatan Perez
    Jonatan Perez  11 hours ago

    Wow this video is from 2018? I read a new article were it said we have as little as 1.5 years :(

  • crb4059
    crb4059  yesterday

    What people dont understand is heat imbalances are normal and necessary, all weather is caused by atmopsheric instability. This is a natural built-in mechanism to address heat imbalances. So heat doesnt build up over time. The heat is used and results in rain, storms, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards etc. Excess heat can easily escape back into space. CO2 is naturally used up by plants & trees.

  • Amma K
    Amma K  2 days ago +1

    Still makes it a little easier that locally and by experts of many fields a lot is done dispite all this denial. I just can't see how it makes the market any more "free" that people are denied of proper information and actual chances to choose. Must be nice for these people when the climate refugees come and there no longer is enough food for everybody.

  • Eric
    Eric  3 days ago

    Trump has never believed in climate change because he does not have beliefs he has desires for more and more money. When all is gone he will then learn he cannot eat money ?

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man  3 days ago +1

    At least bush didn't deny climate change unlike Trump and Ted Cruz

  • Eric
    Eric  3 days ago +1

    In the beginning they believed, but the more they talked to the Oil Companies the more they peddled backwards ……..Right wing Politicians are making us sick.

  • jessa fee
    jessa fee  5 days ago

    people in power should be held accountable .

  • Gerard Bakker
    Gerard Bakker  7 days ago

    Gotta love all the politicians with their "I believe....". What has belief got to do with it? It's not like the tooth fairy. It's like saying "I believe the world is a globe" is going to garner acceptance of it. It doesn't matter what you believe, or say. All that matters is how you act.

  • Climate Satyagraha : The Power of Truth

    RIP human civilization. We made quite a lot of achievements.

  • Maria Lomas
    Maria Lomas  14 days ago

    Omg makes so much more sense, the "12 years" aren't starting now, they already happened.

  • Jacob Monnin
    Jacob Monnin  14 days ago

    I'm so thankful for YouTube giving me the definition of global warming right under the video. How else would I of known.

  • Stevenotvevo
    Stevenotvevo  21 days ago

    Than you see a loner in post apocaliptic world

  • WoolFlannel
    WoolFlannel  21 days ago

    KKona Clap

  • Darth Utah 66
    Darth Utah 66  1 months ago

    Luckily, wind and solar have made gains in the last decade or two.

  • William Lillevik
    William Lillevik  1 months ago

    We need a revolution

  • Rui Shu
    Rui Shu  1 months ago

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  • Rui Shu
    Rui Shu  1 months ago

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  • Rui Shu
    Rui Shu  1 months ago


  • Rui Shu
    Rui Shu  1 months ago

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