sometimes the person you really need is the one you didn't think you'd want

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 5, 2018
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  • Feardog
    Feardog  a years ago +361

    Listen to more of my lofi mixes here: ❤💕

  • lem
    lem  9 months ago +3391

    I'm tired of loving people who couldn't care less. I don't want sexual love anymore, I just want to hold hands with someone and tell them it's okay and hear it echoed back. I just want to be cared for and thought about.

  • ConnieCooks
    ConnieCooks  a years ago +1583

    I love how deep these comment sections can get. I'm inviting people to comment a little paragraph, it could be anything and about anything as long as it touches you inside and makes you feel happy!

  • Janet Yu
    Janet Yu  a years ago +1939

    Dear old friend,
    Sometimes I wonder if you're still there. Are you happy? Are you sad?
    I'm sorry we had to end like that with bitter feelings and endings.
    I miss you but thank you for helping me grow.

  • Paloma Navarro
    Paloma Navarro  11 months ago +2652

    i've met a guy in a cafe this week and he just ask me "hey you look cool can I sit with you ?" and we just talked about everything and nothing during two hours, it was magic. new friend :) ( sorry for my english i'm french , i'm trying my best ^^)

  • Matthew
    Matthew  a years ago +1313

    It's beautiful when someone chooses to land at your side, even if they can fly.
    Being able to find even other nests, other ways, however, choose to stay.

  • Grace Cake
    Grace Cake  6 months ago +970

    I love this girl, and I've known her for a while, y'know? But we've been best friends, and I just don't know what to say. "All of a sudden, I've started wanting to stare at you longer, I've wanted to hold your hand a bit tighter-" No.
    That's not enough to express it. It's that feeling- You know? That feeling where it just feels like, "Yup, this is the one." Where if you could only see ONE single person for the rest of your life, who would you pick? Your mom? Your dad? I'd pick her . She's amazing. She's smart, beautiful, witty, funny, and extremely protective. She'll bite 'ya if you lay a finger on me, and it's extremely funny.
    I never got to choose who my parents were, and who my family was- But I only got to meet her, just because of simple luck. And boy- Am I lucky! I love her so much- More than she could ever tell! But here I am, in a small ol' radio station video, ranting about the love of my life, which I don't even know if she loves me back.
    I'd be crying, at 3 a.m. in the morning, because of her. Not because she made me cry- But because thinking of her, rejecting me, would make me cry. I love her to death, y'know? I'd sacrifice myself for her in a heartbeat. Yet, I don't even know if she loves me.
    Love is weird, kids.
    Also, if you know that I'm talking about you in this, please don't hate me at school, and please don't ever stop talking to me. Whenever I see you, it's the highlight of my day.
    I'm scared to post this, but I will, because, You Only Live Once.

  • EssGee
    EssGee  9 months ago +711

    i dont like being alone.

  • xhanscl
    xhanscl  4 months ago +960

    So here's the thing bois:
    I have an ex. He was the cutest, sweetest guy ever, and he just left without a word. Now ofc I'm hurt, I really liked him, or so I thought. After a month or two after our breakup, we talk again. He sounded so sweet and safe like he used to. I still haven't moved on?? But I'm sure he has, right?? Anyways, we talk and slowly I realize, "Hey, I think I love him." I want to tell him since we've gotten closer again.. and he seems to be dropping hints that he likes me too?? I dont know..?? But I say, 10 likes, I'll tell him, eh? I want to but I need to know people actually encourage this.. haha..
    we've been together for two weeks now again! We saw endgame together and we just cried during it togethe-
    All in all we're fine now and he gave me a promise ring :)
    Edit 2: when did this blow up omg
    edit 3: (06.11.19) for those of you wondering we're doing fine! We're gonna go see far from home together this weekend too so yeeeee

  • Dablack Panda
    Dablack Panda  4 months ago +275

    All these comments are so sweet and kinda serious and cute I-

  • friedpotato
    friedpotato  2 months ago +142

    im tired of liking someone first. they might start liking you back but only cause you like them. not because they like you being you .

  • AJtheSiren
    AJtheSiren  10 months ago +953

    This guy that I've recently been thinking about... He and I met each other and instantly told each other, "Don't fall for me." We have a similar habit of people falling for us when we don't even try. We both said about ourselves, "I'm a huge mess wrapped up in an attractive personality. People find me intriguing, but as soon as they find out how much of a mess I am they jump ship."
    We flirt a lot, we have similar views on the world, equal passion in what we do.
    He's coming to my state to film a music video and said he wants to see me.
    I'm almost scared to... not because I don't enjoy his company but... because I think I'm doing what we told each other not to do...
    I think I'm falling for him.

  • im2rad4u
    im2rad4u  6 months ago +302

    sometimes i wonder if im interested in relationships at all. maybe im interested in the idea of finding happiness with another human being. or maybe i just want to have the experience so i can look back and learn from it. im so confused on whether or not i yearn for a romantic relationship, or just a stable friendship with someone.
    then i look at you...
    ...and for the life of me i still don't know.

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose  9 months ago +517

    I love you.
    I loved you.
    I didn’t think I’d lose you. But you changed.
    The short time we were apart, you changed. I accepted.
    I changed myself to somebody you wanted.
    I was happy with you for a while.
    But now I’m begging you to break my heart.
    Please, if you ever loved me.
    let me go.

  • Fachri Naufal
    Fachri Naufal  a years ago +594

    I had a crush on someone I really adore since 8 years ago. She knows how I feel, and she kinda liked me too, but she just don’t love me the same way like I did. Recently, there’s another girl who pays a lot of attention to me, gave a lot of her time for me, listens to my stories, and everything. But I told her that I still want to believe and do everything to my old crush, and now this recent girl is leaving me. I did not know that she has a feeling to me, because she’s just too kind for me and I never think she holds that kind of feeling to me. Now my old crush is leaving me too because I made some mistake. I know I was stupid, I wish I never waste such a wonderful girl to chase someone who just don’t feel the same way to me. Lately things are just getting hard and worse, and I hope she will come back and ease this weight, but I know she won’t.

  • saturn
    saturn  8 months ago +199

    Is the real him the one i see with his childish friends
    Or the one I talk with for hours on end at 3 am
    Its 3 am and im thinking of you again.

  • Ivy Danielle
    Ivy Danielle  11 months ago +436

    This guy asked me out twice. And I'm afraid of relationships. Cliche, but I don't want to get hurt again after investing my life. Recently, I've gained alot of weight, heaviest I've been ever. Yet somehow, he still loves me and its been almost four years of knowing each other. And he just looks at me. I don't know what I'm doing saying no, I don't understand how such a cute guy can like me but he does. Eventually, I want to be strong enough for him, but now, I'm weak.

  • Sunshine Marie
    Sunshine Marie  11 months ago +593

    I always feel rude and insensitive and dumb for feeling sad bc I know so many people have it way worse than much worse than me...but I can't help the bad feelings from coming...esp when I'm alone...
    I don't have any friends where I live now, all I have is my family, but I'll be moving out soon, I'm almost 18. I'm afraid when I step outside my house into a life on my own I'll completely fall apart w no one at all around. I know Jesus will always be with me, and I shouldn't worry, but I still do sometimes.
    If you've read to the bottom congrats on wasting 2 mins of ur life and thanks for listening to my lil rant 😂

  • Auxielia
    Auxielia  7 months ago +117

    I used to like this guy a lot since we were super young and recently I just kinda started losing interest. During that time we had moved to a different grade and we were in a new group of friends, including a boy I didn't really consider at the time. I thought he was kinda cute but I still pursued the boy I originally liked, that is until one day admittedly we were in a call and everyone including my at the time crush left. I could have left the call and just kind of not talking to him but I didn't want to be rude so I stayed. We ended up having so much fun and honestly, I'm glad I stayed. We ended up talking more and more until I started to fall for him without realizing it. He had issues with himself which made me so sad. He thought he was ugly and a jerk to everyone and the more I heard about it the more I wished I could show him how much I thought that was wrong. One day, he broke his arm while talking to my crush, and at this point, I will mention something a bit awkward. The boy I was starting to like was pretty close friends with my crush and had even told me they liked me back. Yeah, I know. I realized then weirdly from him breaking his arm that I really had a huge crush. Never in my life was I so glad that I am a horrible liar because he figured it out so quickly, and he liked me back. I swear I never thought I would see him like that but its kinda cliche the first time I saw him I thought something like "He's really cute." If he ever does end up on this side of youtube and reads this, even if we aren't still together, I love you and thank you so much even if you are laughing at me for typing this right now.

  • ratpiss
    ratpiss  6 months ago +218

    I need advice. The person I may mention here may or may not see this. I hope he doesn't.
    Anyways, Theres this guy I've developed feelings for quick for this amazing and sweet personality. He usually never accepts most people as friends and could be really cold towards strangers starting up conversations with him. At first he was bitchy and rude towards me but eventually after a few months of no communication I joined his live video and he and I clicked. We became close extremely fast, had the same interests, the same dreams. We were inseparable. But as most things do, things change. Someone new came into his life and stole him from me. I tried to keep my cool but I couldn't. I was jealous, insecure. I don't understand anything. He would always get into toxic relationships. People would ghost him, throw him like he's trash. And he never realized that I'm here. I was the person who always wanted to give him my attention, my love and my everything. I was the person who picked him up and put his heart back together when he was at his worst. And now he's in love, with someone else. Someone who has hurt him before. And I can't handle it. He's toxic towards me now, we don't have it good. I told him my feelings for him and I would need time to let go. He simply said he "considered his feelings for me" and then disregarded it. I miss talking to him, I miss listening to his voice. I can't handle it. He was the one who made me a better person, a better version of myself. I love him and I honestly wish him the best.
    Thank you for whoever listened. I doubt anyone has but thank you.