Desert Seas

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 20, 2013
  • Along the east and west coasts of Saudi Arabia are two seas that contain a treasure of marine life that few knew existed -- and even fewer had ever seen. The Arabian Gulf was formed at the end of the last Ice Age, some 10,000 years ago, and the Red Sea's history goes back even further. And now, thanks to Saudi Aramco, for the first time millions of viewers across the globe are able to marvel and see up close the exotic marine life that populates these two bodies of water. Saudi Aramco teamed up with award winning British documentary makers Icon Films to produce Desert Seas, a 60 minute natural history production that took more than a year to produce. The film's objective was clear: to expose the world to the wondrous subsurface realms of the Kingdom's waters.


  • Adams Esquillo
    Adams Esquillo  14 hours ago

    I always believe that SA was submerged before

  • Wafa Bouferdou
    Wafa Bouferdou  19 hours ago +1

    زاحد لقحبة مغربية عاملة و كلمة عاملة فيها عاملة و تتعمل الإشهار بالسحور فيا و يلقاوها حيت من البرارة البيبضين و سحرات عالميا باس يتعرفو عليها الناس و غنات الوطنية و محافظة على راسها و من صحاب السروال و التقاليد اللي فيهم لحداجة و اختارت هذ الفيديو اللي هو كعمول في لبلد لكريم ديالكم باش تجول ليكم راها مؤمنة. يالله أنا غادي نتصرع بآية لكرسي مرة واحدة فقط. بيزو بيزو. هاواحد ماح متقدمة 😘 الله الله يا ربي الله وبغميزة.

  • Bella Watty
    Bella Watty  yesterday

    So beautiful

  • Lewandra Erwin
    Lewandra Erwin  yesterday

    Really enjoyed that😍

  • jesse shadrack
    jesse shadrack  2 days ago


  • Pretty buoy Jones
    Pretty buoy Jones  2 days ago +2

    His voice is pure gold..

  • Japie Krekel
    Japie Krekel  2 days ago

    Probably destroyed already

  • Melody Sacpopo
    Melody Sacpopo  3 days ago

    Very engaging documentary

  • Donnie N
    Donnie N  3 days ago

    PERSIAN GULF forever!

  • Donnie N
    Donnie N  3 days ago

    The gulf? You mean the Persian Gulf!

  • Mirna Lydia Vargas
    Mirna Lydia Vargas  3 days ago +4

    Sir David Attenborough is the best!

  • Tanthien Nguyen
    Tanthien Nguyen  3 days ago +1

    Unterschätzen haben Sie keine Chance.....Ich bin der Jüngsten....Gegen meine Brüdern und Schwestern können Sie es Vergessen......

  • AL Amin
    AL Amin  4 days ago

    Thank u sir David attenborough for this. simply awesome

  • CsStoker
    CsStoker  4 days ago +11

    I wish that the discovery channel would have stayed like this

  • jutip ortsac
    jutip ortsac  4 days ago

    Dessert of shaybah that sabkha was amazing gift of nature...

  • Noura A
    Noura A  4 days ago

    Looks like Qatar

  • Dj Death
    Dj Death  5 days ago +1

    i like your voice its so relaxing

  • Darrell Lee
    Darrell Lee  5 days ago +2

    I had forgot how much I like these shows.

  • aridf
    aridf  5 days ago +2

    So the Asains did not develope from ancient human beings. They must be Aliens.

  • bhsbass
    bhsbass  5 days ago +1

    Lots of cgi here