How I Fixed my Tesla Part 1: Headlights, Suspension, My Stupidity

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 28, 2018
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    Today I managed to resolve the funky suspension and headlight issue on my Tesla. You can also see my boneheaded mistake with the “suspension” noise

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  • Robert Baroyan
    Robert Baroyan  a months ago

    Hello everybody. I have same clicking problem from right rear axle in tesla model s please someone respond and what is the real problem???

  • Sillyzombie666
    Sillyzombie666  a months ago

    where is part 2?

  • Hobbyandtech
    Hobbyandtech  2 months ago

    Does dolores autopilot work?

  • Scott Frappier
    Scott Frappier  2 months ago

    My god - if my vehicles had these issues after 15k I'd never buy that brand again - I admire your patience, but the number of issues (I watched your prior video) are more numerous then even a 2006 car that I have...just wow...

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740  2 months ago

    Man love the channel but Tesla =junk and to many problems would never want one not reliable at all

  • Harry Riley
    Harry Riley  2 months ago

    oh shit that is a tire bulge at 07:59!!!!!!

  • 데빈
    데빈  2 months ago

    huehuehue punch the machine, it will work some how

  • James iPad
    James iPad  3 months ago

    This has always drove me nuts about cars, maybe it’s the electrician in me, but how do you ground your car when it’s on 4 rubber tires? Looks like your bonding it to me.

  • chemxfan
    chemxfan  3 months ago

    What's the part # on that kitchen knife? :)

  • Fox Reinsch
    Fox Reinsch  4 months ago

    The daytime running light went bad and turned yellow on my 2016 Model S. Tesla wants $1500 to fix the bulb!!!!

  • garlic69
    garlic69  4 months ago +1

    * spraying water into the frunk *
    "some kind of corrosion"

  • rahim miah
    rahim miah  4 months ago

    Man, you have lot of patience and time.

  • Chief Trouble Maker
    Chief Trouble Maker  4 months ago

    Can you fix a salvage tesla model 3 that I am planning to buy? It needs minor repairs to the front suspension

  • tewrgh
    tewrgh  4 months ago

    I am an aspiring chef, and ironically my favourite implement is a screwdriver

  • Matthew
    Matthew  5 months ago

    That's a beautiful car Rich.

  • Jeff Selano
    Jeff Selano  5 months ago

    Love it. You are a talented fellow. Love your vids. Question. I have a “front trunk open, proceed with caution” warning. However my front is clearly closed and locked. I suspect a sensor issue. Your thoughts? Any ideas on location or how I can buy one? Thanks

  • Mark P
    Mark P  5 months ago

    so basicly dont buy a used tesla with no warranty. Or your in for a world of hurt

  • George Mendez
    George Mendez  5 months ago

    Hehehehehehe false alarm... love the laugh. If you get in my truck all I have is my registration and ins in my glove box I hate noises in the cab if a noise is made I flip out looking for the penny rolling around lol

  • Gamen4Bros
    Gamen4Bros  5 months ago +1

    The glovebox😂😂

  • Jay Ennals
    Jay Ennals  6 months ago

    Please teach us how to make the black headlights. There are no videos anywhere and it looks incredible