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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • The Nigel Farage Show is live from Strasbourg at 6pm on LBC.

    Tonight Nigel is asking: MEPs in Brussels have today discussed a possible extension to Brexit, what does this mean to Britain?

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  • David Essam
    David Essam  5 months ago

    Boris seriously needs to "accidentally" offend someone, there has to be some victory over the French he could declare a public holiday & ensure Macron would veto an extension...

  • scoppio07
    scoppio07  5 months ago

    She's got a sense of humour anyway - the part where she says she respects the result of the referendum.

  • Darren Kiggins
    Darren Kiggins  5 months ago

    Mr Farage where the manifesto, no democratic person with a brain would vote for you or your militants. Pay those back those EU expeses you owe.

  • laceandwhisky
    laceandwhisky  5 months ago

    ROBIN TILBROOK CASE shows we left 29th March 2019 legally cos may cocked up.. didn't legally seek parliament permission for extension

  • johnh23z
    johnh23z  5 months ago +1

    Ursula Von de Layen, the New Fairy Princess of the EU,
    is proof that it is ready to crash and burn.

  • 9911brian
    9911brian  5 months ago

    EU is satanic

  • 9911brian
    9911brian  5 months ago +1

    EU is destruction of europe

  • jeanie ling
    jeanie ling  5 months ago

    Minute 1:34 : }

  • Jayne Wilkins
    Jayne Wilkins  5 months ago +1

    @LBC isn't Ursula the evil witch from the little mermaid film ? lol

  • Jayne Wilkins
    Jayne Wilkins  5 months ago +1

    NO Chris you Dork, you cannot veto an EU Army, wow are you serious?

  • Jayne Wilkins
    Jayne Wilkins  5 months ago

    @Naughty Nigel lol

  • Philip Payne
    Philip Payne  5 months ago

    You know this idiot chancellor, now saying it COULD cost the UK £30 billion by not having this so called deal, ie treaty. What about the 39billion we have been paying this EU a year for a long time. These idiots have been wrong before, and they will be wrong again. Yes leaving this so EU club will make some disruption for a while, but we will soon pick up, and our rewards will be very good. They still cannot stop peddling this doom and gloom, these idiots are hell bent on stopping us from leaving.

  • Harry
    Harry  6 months ago

    * Compilation of the European army by 2025
    * European member states having no veto power over any foreign policy
    * European minimum wage
    * European social security
    * No Border

    MOOSEDOWNUNDER  6 months ago

    Her agenda is not Communism, it is, at its heart, the Third Reich. Central control of German satellites that we all pay for. Defence, immigration, finance and liberty. Bugger that. p.s. Luke, you and the uneducated masses are the reason we are in so much trouble. Your school boy liberal politics with zero answers to the problems of Europe and the UK. Muppet.

  • Anthony Berry
    Anthony Berry  6 months ago +1

    4th Reich - Germany's 4th try at ruling Europe - Have all the UK people got blinkers on?

  • Tyson Hayter
    Tyson Hayter  6 months ago +1

    That Australian was dead wrong, no wonder he's not here anymore.

  • Adrian Larkins
    Adrian Larkins  6 months ago

    This USE concept may well frighten other nations. It could lead to the dismantling of the EU. I cannot see the likes of France and Germany surrendering their national status to a bunch of Brussels bureaucrats

  • Mike Mikeson
    Mike Mikeson  6 months ago

    JB the caller was smokin crack

  • Washington Hoax
    Washington Hoax  6 months ago

    They will stall until a crisis in Europe will prevent any Brexit.
    Why won't the EU appoint a UK person to hold The Commission for 5 years?
    You are looking at a German dominated EU while they buddy up with Russia.
    No more invasions - just finance and trade by central command control.
    You can say goodbye to London being a Financial Center (it will move to Brussels).

  • Goss Kamperis
    Goss Kamperis  6 months ago +1

    The UK should offer each individual EU country a tariff-free deal. If that’s against international law, then have trade deals drafted contingent on the said countries leaving the EU. It might be against EU law for those said countries to enter into negotiations but the UK will be out, so there’s nothing stopping the UK proposing such deals.