Why ships used this camouflage in World War I

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • Dazzle camouflage was fantastically weird. It was also surprisingly smart.

    WWII saw another kind of strange history unfold: a meme (yes, really). Watch our video on it here: http://bit.ly/2Co9DEu

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    Dazzle camouflage was a surprisingly effective defense against torpedoes. In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explains why.

    World War I ships faced a unique problem. The u-boat was a new threat at the time, and its torpedoes were deadly. That led artist Norman Wilkinson to come up with dazzle camouflage (sometimes called “razzle dazzle camouflage”). The idea was to confuse u-boats about a ship’s course, rather than try to conceal its presence. In doing so, dazzle camouflage could keep torpedoes from hitting the boat — and that and other strategies proved a boon in World War I.

    This camouflage is unusual, but its striking appearance influenced the culture, inspired cubist painters’ riffs, and even entered into the world of fashion. Though dazzle camouflage lost its utility once radar and other detection techniques took over from u-boat periscopes, for a brief period in time it was an effective and unusual way to help ships stay safe.

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +742

    WWII saw another kind of strange history unfold: Kilroy – a meme (yes, really) – traveled the globe with servicemembers. He even makes an appearance in this video: http://bit.ly/2Co9DEu

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    someone show us a tape of this ship moving so i know how it works

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    Dazzle is not designed to hide the ship like the grey one's, it's actually meant to confuse the observer, dazzle makes it harder to determine the aspect of a vessel.

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    Why are you only showing pictures of water and calling it a ship???

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    U-boat: *fires torpedo*

    Also u-boat: **misses**.

    Captain: HAH your underwater sausages are no match for me

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    dazzles myself so people can't tell my next move

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    2 of the pictures of ships fought in ww2

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    ayyy its the Teutonic

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    What are u talking about there’s nothing on the screen ?

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    What ships?

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    Why? So it's harder to detect them

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    there's a building painted camo in wynwood and inside the place it has this history

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    Zebra boat spread it like

  • Lumberjack king the great

    Zebra. Boat

  • Lumberjack king the great

    Zebra boat

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    RMS Olympic had been in ww1

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    Its called angle on bow (AOB)

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