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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 23, 2017
  • What's In The Box Challenge with live animals! Touching random stuff in a box... Let me know what other challenges I should do! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! RECREATING KYLIE JENNER'S INSTAGRAM SELFIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZSgK... Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!


  • SSSniperWolf  1 years ago

    WHATS IN THE BOX... thumbnail isn't clickbait! hope you're all having a good weekend :D

  • Musab Nusrat  yesterday

    Um it only says LIVE ANimLAS

  • Be careful

  • Youtubelover 123  1 years ago

    Who else jumped out of their skin when he got bit

  • XxWolfy_GamerxX  36 minutes ago


  • ME...

  • its Foxilnda  1 months ago

    Nobody: Not even a single soul:Lia: oh he thick 😂

  • DracoDragonKing XX  13 days ago

    Grammar? Its *THICC*

  • Isabella_ Gacha  29 days ago

    Person:brings lizardMe:is that you Mrs.kippling

  • MicroNaught  4 hours ago

    @ImmaPuppy _Lover bunkd and Jessie

  • Liv :/  yesterday

    Isabella_ Gacha HAHAHHAHHAHAH ME TOO

  • XxWolfieplaz xX  3 months ago

    West: *touches tarantula*Tarantula: Bye Felicia *walks off plate*Me: that spider done left you west

  • Glitter Sunny  1 months ago

    I'm scared of spiders so the second I found out it was a spider I would be screaming and crying

  • crevantes ball  1 months ago

    Tell your friend at the tarantula and it's alive so look at this right now and you're done now please please please please please I'm begging you

  • Sparkles Animations  4 months ago

    Congrats Lia! You held a "Thailand Black" tarantula without being bit. Good job

  • Logan The Fox  22 days ago

    It's a proper noun

  • Arttic Wolf  24 days ago

    They don’t hurt humans

  • [:]Âkitåchū[:]  1 years ago

    Bet you 1 like that you will read this

  • chloe block  13 days ago

    im pretty sure reading comments on youtube doesnt cost anything

  • kianna breezy  27 days ago

    i read half the stopped caring💀

  • Crystal Wolfie  4 months ago

    That snake 🐍 that bit him I got a HEARTATACK!!

  • suan and friends  3 months ago

    when i grew up i want a Snake but not attacking meh and a tarantura thats not attacking me too edit: another one yaaaaassss

  • Eva Kuykendall  13 days ago

    I have two snakes a baby California coastal banded kingsnake,and a ball python both of which are sweethearts lesson of the day kids dont put your hand near a snakes head

  • Lost Weeb Galaxy  2 months ago

    Is your name supposed to be Susan and friends or is it supposed to be like that lol

  • Anonymous Lion  1 months ago

    *touches hat“I think mine is alive...”