Britain's Got Talent 2017 Tokio Myers Amazing Artist Leaves Judges Speechless Full Audition S11E03

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 29, 2017
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  • renalyn malaubang
    renalyn malaubang  10 hours ago

    How i wish i could be like this guy... so talented... maxx steel

  • Noisy Silence
    Noisy Silence  21 hours ago

    There's nothing amazing in this really, he only pressed some buttons, he didn't even do the singing. Go listen to Fred Hersch's version of Clair De Lune, it is unique and beautiful.

    I don't understand how this gets millions views, and the best only a few thousands. I guess fashion does it all and nowadays being called Tokyo makes you unique... How stupid can get the society?

  • Guinevere Haase
    Guinevere Haase  22 hours ago

    any good musician plays classical music judges 😒😐 terrible musician plays pop the judges 🤗😱🤩🥳🤪

    DEMITRE RAMOS  yesterday


  • Cezar Vant
    Cezar Vant  yesterday

    So nice... 👍👍👍

  • Lu Po
    Lu Po  yesterday


  • Sjo Velland
    Sjo Velland  yesterday +2

    him: driving with friends
    homiesnin the back: tokio driftin SNORT

  • Mr.Tasty
    Mr.Tasty  yesterday

    And btw my gold fish died at the age of four gets golden buzzer

  • Eli Susanti
    Eli Susanti  yesterday


  • Johan Kevin
    Johan Kevin  2 days ago

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho é foda

  • YouTube -DXNIEL
    YouTube -DXNIEL  2 days ago +1

    I don’t get how people got so gassed from this audition ,as a piano player myself it all felt a b it basic

  • John francisco Pano quispe

    Por eso siempre lo diré, aparte de ser atleta, furbolista y imitador de michael jackson, ahora ronaldinho es pianista, sin duda un crack.

  • jeremy decoster
    jeremy decoster  2 days ago

    would love to hear him do something more unique

  • Jakub Zamazal
    Jakub Zamazal  2 days ago

    Evil Within anyone?😂😂

  • Fernanda Esquin
    Fernanda Esquin  2 days ago

    podrian traducir lo que se habla al principio ?

  • Nungc Nungc
    Nungc Nungc  2 days ago

    I am here again after many again

  • Holistic Shaman
    Holistic Shaman  2 days ago +3

    You come out. You give a performance like a beast. You stay humbled. Oh he's such an inspiration!

  • Wolf Perfect2025
    Wolf Perfect2025  2 days ago +1


  • Ulrik sørnes
    Ulrik sørnes  3 days ago

    No boogie woogie, wut!!

  • Mkenya Mzalendo
    Mkenya Mzalendo  3 days ago +12

    Tokio playing Yamaha wow, Americans realizing him now