Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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  • Lauren Pulver
    Lauren Pulver  27 minutes ago

    Damn Tessa Brooks really went platinum blonde and stopped getting the spray tans 👀

  • J M
    J M  44 minutes ago

    Mateo is such a gem

  • Kelby Sinaloa
    Kelby Sinaloa  an hour ago

    This is gonna be interesting

  • circuswannabe
    circuswannabe  2 hours ago

    Gimme an airplane and I’ll be an angel to though.. but on a real note I’m tryna be a better kid mostly for religious reasons ya know any of you Christians may understand me on that one. Its hard to listen to your parents sometimes.

  • adriana bonura
    adriana bonura  2 hours ago

    yall need to do an episode with stan twitter vs locals

  • Martha Elizabeth
    Martha Elizabeth  3 hours ago +1

    *My African parents would never!*

  • Silver play button with no videos

    Cant they do normal teen like were the
    EdGe LoRd 101 ?!?!?!?!

  • Sitara m
    Sitara m  7 hours ago

    Who else feels that these videos are getting worse and worse 🙃🙃🙃

  • Gwen B
    Gwen B  8 hours ago

    Anyone recognize Isabella from OUAT??? She was young zelena 😍

  • Wabbo
    Wabbo  9 hours ago

    big up UK

  • Sombra
    Sombra  9 hours ago

    “Teens boys” Ha! If only you knew

  • Abbi
    Abbi  11 hours ago +2

    Umm wth is this??... 2:56
    He was disappointed in his friends because they added him to an Instagram group that no parents could see...😂
    These kids are way too innocent for this discussion...😤🤦‍♀️

  • merry clift
    merry clift  12 hours ago

    whats wrong with these kids lmao,, my mums never looking at my snap wtf

  • thinkingofagoodusername

    Don’t use their parents. That defeats the point they’re just gonna do everything they want to hear

  • Kideto Hellfire Mibu

    We need things like this on the big island

  • faith Marie
    faith Marie  22 hours ago


  • 7 OUAT Addicts
    7 OUAT Addicts  22 hours ago

    Isabella from OUAT! So awesome seeing her in a Jubilee video 😊

  • DJay
    DJay  22 hours ago

    "and I built roblox" lmaoo

  • marnie hughes-ritchie

    everyone here is so odd, get normal teens or better yet poor teens with stranger parents

  • SkyJacob99
    SkyJacob99  yesterday

    "i GoT RiD oF iT"