Fastest People in Slow Motion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • The world’s fastest card thrower and a fast draw world champion put their skills of speed and dexterity to the slow-mo test. See more tricks like this on The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.And to see more of magician and world record-holding card thrower Rick Smith Jr. , Check out his YouTube channel at


  • Pure Slow Motion
    Pure Slow Motion  a years ago +10431

    Now, slowest people in fast motion!!!!

  • War Robots Gaming
    War Robots Gaming  1 months ago +714

    video: fastest people in slow motion
    eminem: Am i a joke to you

  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb Sauce  4 months ago +880

    Mom: can u help me chopping the carrots
    Me: lemme get my solitare cards

  • Anny Penilla
    Anny Penilla  21 days ago +266

    That gunslinger would be the best teammate that u could have in the zombie apocalypse

  • Caboodle of Nonsense
    Caboodle of Nonsense  1 months ago +476

    Am I the only one who accidentally read the title as “Fattest people in Slow Motion”?

  • GeT RekT!
    GeT RekT!  a years ago +6649

    do slowest guys in slow motion

  • Tyler Messer
    Tyler Messer  2 days ago +3

    Anyone else feel like Rick Smith Jr deserves the role of Gambit if they ever finally put him in an MCU movie?! 🤣 wouldn't need to stunt it or do CGI card throws.

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama  4 months ago +372

    So if you want to defeat Gambit, wear three layers of celery.

  • Dr. Ether
    Dr. Ether  4 months ago +397

    This just confirms what I've known all along: always carry three stalks of celery with you, in case of a throwing card attack.

  • Rose Valentine
    Rose Valentine  4 months ago +153

    Can we just appreciate the amazing aim the first guy had

  • Young Dabber
    Young Dabber  5 months ago +2309

    When you eat Taco Bell 3 nights in a row

  • Star man super WD
    Star man super WD  4 months ago +386

    Card guy: i can throw cards so fast that it tears through carrots
    Other guy: now introduceing metal cards!!!
    Card guy:i am the literaly the joker now

  • PowerBarrels
    PowerBarrels  3 months ago +343

    1:20 Do you think you could get it through this carrot?
    meh it's gonna be pretty hard
    Gets it first try

    HEX GAMING HQ  1 months ago +118

    How to cut carrots in half chefs say get a knife and cut it

    MADI YOGEN  14 days ago +46

    Imagine ur a thief and jon is chasing u with a gun ...ur dead in a second

  • sub-zero
    sub-zero  a years ago +2549

    woow that cowboy guy is cheating, i saw he used Dead-Eye

  • Cian Pastor
    Cian Pastor  4 months ago +142

    90/3.14(3%X87)(29.86X3.14)+{density of celery}(0.48564386 X 3)-0.98({thickness of card}0.0001)\({time it took to slice through each celery}0.00647) =
    This video is real!!

  • bro skinny
    bro skinny  17 hours ago +1

    Imagine the paper cut you would get from rick.

  • 1,000,000 subs 0 videos challenge

    Throws away all my knives and puts decks of cards in the kitchen drawer

  • Mai M
    Mai M  yesterday +1

    Next:slowest time to sleep at night😄😄