Alex Pich - Lapis Lazuli [Silk Music]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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    Just over a year since the release of his beloved single "Way Home Inside," extraordinary Russian composer Alex Pich presents his first EP on our imprint, "One Arrow, One Shot." It proves to be an evocative and, often, spellbinding collection of deep-progressive cuts.

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    01 Alex Pich - One Arrow, One Shot
    02 Alex Pich - Sansara
    03 Alex Pich - Clash Of Civilizations
    04 Alex Pich - Lapis Lazuli

    Photographer: Harishan Kobalasingam

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  • Silk Music
    Silk Music  8 months ago +8

    Closing out the EP, "Lapis Lazuli" opens with an infectiously off-kilter groove, underpinned by an oscillating bassline. Distorted vocals and sensual pads imbue the soundscape with contemplative and provocative textures. The rhythm gently fades out at the song's midpoint, leading to a captivating melodic and vocal sequence. Ultimately, the arrangement lures us back into its erotic sway and concludes with a variety of beautiful, soul-stirring motifs.

  • h n
    h n  2 months ago

    definitely the best of this ep,with endless aftertaste

  • 432 Hz
    432 Hz  6 months ago

    Hah, just listening to the Arty remix of Alex Pich's Tinctures ... So he was delivering back then already? :) Solid as a rock!

  • Sergio David Buitron
    Sergio David Buitron  7 months ago +1

    Empezar el fin de semana escuchando esta armonía es un placer para mis oidos 👍😎👌

  • Mari Carmen Fernandez
    Mari Carmen Fernandez  7 months ago +1

    No se debería de pensar tanto

  • scottish Scotman
    scottish Scotman  7 months ago +1


  • Viktor
    Viktor  7 months ago +1


  • Ferhat Saridas
    Ferhat Saridas  7 months ago +1


  • Paulo Gomes Freitas
    Paulo Gomes Freitas  7 months ago +1

    A different beats ... I liked new things, There are also some sounds with a little echo, piano, a little voice in the composition of the music ... I was curious.!

  • Amarnath Sam
    Amarnath Sam  7 months ago +1

    I love this track ☺ it's so unique and different

  • **Nina J**b
    **Nina J**b  7 months ago +1

    I Love it , brighter my afternoon 2:55pm
    🎶Thank yOu for sharing 🖤

  • hhh Torres
    hhh Torres  7 months ago +1

    Pure lifetime with silk music

  • Omari Joseph
    Omari Joseph  7 months ago +1

    yup yup..listened to this one last night..was flipping out and waiting for you to upload sweet..this doing a whole lot for me..NICENESS!!

  • Alex Koff
    Alex Koff  7 months ago +1

    Глубокая композиция - заставила задуматться... спасибо.

  • Rhys Lewis
    Rhys Lewis  7 months ago +1


  • Saul Sostenes Rivera
    Saul Sostenes Rivera  7 months ago +1


  • Tom
    Tom  7 months ago +4