Reading People's Assumptions About Me

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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  • TheDementedKidButILoveExo
    TheDementedKidButILoveExo  7 months ago +1660

    5:52 is when Lauren starts answering the comments. You're welcome. ❤

  • w.farzana
    w.farzana  4 months ago +92

    lauren: I talk really fast
    jojo Siwa: hold my bow

  • Kylee Aldridge
    Kylee Aldridge  7 months ago +323

    LAUREN: I talk really fast..
    Jojo Siwa has left the chat

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    Who else is scrollin' through the commen't section while watching this video? 💜✌

  • Natalies Outlet
    Natalies Outlet  7 months ago +3040

    Omg that doggie line!!! 🐶🐶okaaay, jupiter needs to match with little moose 💖✨✨✨✨☺️

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover  7 months ago +139

    Does Alex still get to see moose? Because I know he misses him

  • Shannon 1234
    Shannon 1234  7 months ago +215

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The time that you came for
    Is 6:02

    CRAFTY SWAGGY SHAY  7 months ago +310

    I’m just disappointed that Lauren and Alex promised each other that they will still like each other’s posts but Lauren hasn’t been doing that D:

  • Bea Santander
    Bea Santander  7 months ago +90

    BTW I think moose misses Alex 🇨🇦♥️🇺🇸 🐶🐕😢

  • unknown!
    unknown!  7 months ago +130

    Ugh.. what really sucks is I originally came to this channel like 1 year ago loving just you, but then got so used to seeing both you and Alex together and honestly once you guys ended things I've lost interest in watching your videos .. but like Mia and her Alex I'll be back.

  • BTSxxTXT
    BTSxxTXT  7 months ago +600

    OCD is a disorder. Please stop comparing it to wanting lil things to match/measure right etc.. People who actually suffer from OCD have a hard time please.

  • {•Toya•} {•Pryce•}
    {•Toya•} {•Pryce•}  7 months ago +211

    When she said she was tired of questions about Alex I almost cried💔

  • Kassidy Lynx
    Kassidy Lynx  7 months ago +94

    I miss Moose and Alex’s little fights it was soo cuteee and it might just be my sadden speaking but he look kinda sad

  • Amelia Ransom
    Amelia Ransom  7 months ago +164

    Don't hate me for this but when I saw that Liza broke up with David I said at least alex Lauren are still together

  • Emma H
    Emma H  7 months ago +331

    You should do a photo shoot for the doggie clothing line with ken, daisy, moosie and Chloe

  • Karle Donohoe
    Karle Donohoe  7 months ago +280

    Does anyone else think the doggo clothes should be called either-
    A) Furry Apparel
    B) Moosie Bear Workshop
    or C) Furrever 21

  • GuelphRacing
    GuelphRacing  7 months ago +73

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
    Have a great day! <3

  • Jersey C
    Jersey C  7 months ago +118

    Now adalain needs to make a DOGS SUPPORTING DOGS shirt
    OMG THANKS FOR 20 likes!

  • Kirsten Chloe KC
    Kirsten Chloe KC  6 months ago +35

    Im sorry if im bringing out the laurex topic
    But I think that moose is the remembrance of laurex
    Anyone agrees?

  • Cindy Miles
    Cindy Miles  7 months ago +64

    Dont put shirts on your cats. They don’t like anything touching their stomachs because that is their weakest part. All they do is freeze. And then fall over on their side.😂