Sam Seder Debates Centrist Democrat

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 27, 2018
  • In this Majority Report clip, a pro-Cuomo caller!

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    "HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — After months of shadowboxing from afar, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon clashed up close in a heated debate on Wednesday that featured sharp attacks, flashes of frustration and two competing visions for the Democratic Party and New York.

    They fought over standing up to President Trump, the subways, releasing their tax returns, health care policy and corruption convictions in the Cuomo administration. For much of the hour, they jabbed and counterpunched, talking over each other repeatedly and accusing each other of distortions, as Mr. Cuomo said Ms. Nixon lives in “the world of fiction.”

    “Can you stop interrupting?” Mr. Cuomo said to her at one point.

    “Can you stop lying?” Ms. Nixon snapped back.

    Mr. Cuomo paused. “As soon as you do,” he answered."*

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  • Michael Felisme
    Michael Felisme  yesterday +2

    Listening back to this a year later and hearing this guy say Booker is "going to be the guy" after his HORRIBLE campaign run is probably the best thing about this call.

  • Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell  3 days ago +4

    Neo-Lib Caller in 2018 - "Cory Booker will be the 2020 Democratic Nominee"

    Me in 2020 - "That aged HORRIBLY well"

  • PowdaToastFace Killah

    Dude said cuomo is “horribly qualified”

    Dude said booker would be the next dem nominee. Booker just threw in the towel

  • Andrew Munds
    Andrew Munds  5 days ago

    This guy has to be a satirist

  • N G
    N G  7 days ago

    That's funny how some people defend unqualified person for the office. Was that Trump/Hilary thing, unqualified celebrity vs supposedly corrupt qualified person. You are basically defending "outsider" talking point by Trump

  • Ol' Slaps
    Ol' Slaps  7 days ago

    crazy how the dimwit centrist dem is more idiotically belligerent then most libertarian callers

  • monica93304 brown
    monica93304 brown  14 days ago

    That guy needed an oxygen mask during his call. LMAO. Sam is great. That's why I subscribed a long time ago. That idiot caller thought that screaming made him right

  • MJ L
    MJ L  14 days ago +2

    Corey Booker lolol. This guy had it figured out forsure..

  • Caleb G
    Caleb G  21 days ago +4

    "Yeah, a more progressive democratic party is not my goal." Well, theres your problem lmao.

  • Justin Shin
    Justin Shin  21 days ago +1

    Should have been titled Angry Moron calls into radio show to rant about things he’ll never understand

  • Ricardo m
    Ricardo m  21 days ago +2

    What was that guys argument more corrupt makes you more qualified 🙄🙄🙄

  • Semjase Law
    Semjase Law  21 days ago +3

    Corey Booker....lul

  • Taylor Sias
    Taylor Sias  21 days ago +5

    I liked this segment better when Feldman was the "centrist democrat".

  • McHitler
    McHitler  21 days ago

    Maybe invest in a way to mute callers? Having them talk over you so constantly gets hard to listen to after a while.

  • Thomas Schmidt
    Thomas Schmidt  21 days ago +2

    Sam...thank God you know how to use your parenting skills when dealing with grown-ups who act and think like little children ranting at teachers and relatives.....

  • Denversupermarket
    Denversupermarket  21 days ago +3

    Is... is this not a joke?

  • JunJunisKing
    JunJunisKing  21 days ago +1

    this mans is delusional, calls in just to yell

  • Finin O'Callaghan
    Finin O'Callaghan  21 days ago +1

    Blimey. This guy is Trumpian in the confidence if his ignorance.

  • Jessica Ireland
    Jessica Ireland  21 days ago +4

    Lol! Booker 2020. Nailed it!

  • 1Me
    1Me  21 days ago +1

    Jeffery really went off on one :-)