Due to His Obesity, Casey Must Bathe Outside in a Trough | Family By the Ton

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • Because he cannot physically bathe in a tub or shower, Casey is forced to wash in a trough.

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  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Jennifer Jimenez  11 hours ago

    I'm not making light of his situation but I'd REALLY like my own trough. Sturdier than my toddler's pool, big enough for me and cheaper than a jacuzzi.

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall  17 hours ago

    Fat guy soup, anybody?

  • Mofu MAPOTI
    Mofu MAPOTI  3 days ago

    He used dish soap in the water for soap...

    SHAWN SHAARI  5 days ago +1

    As soon as somebody hits 300 lbs that should be a turning point. How does it get to 310? Then 320?

  • Leyla Hussein
    Leyla Hussein  6 days ago

    His dad has a lot of patience.

  • Pedro Monroy
    Pedro Monroy  6 days ago

    You are notó a pig your a buty💖💖💖🌈🌈😍😍

  • Jj Foy
    Jj Foy  6 days ago +1

    Wiping just...my ass😂😂😂

  • Ok.
    Ok.  6 days ago

    I searched pig bathing.

  • boi
    boi  6 days ago

    I thinks its time for a diet foe me fam

    Im not gonna bathe outside

  • Baby Valentine
    Baby Valentine  6 days ago +3

    “A bigger guy” yes and a Lion is just a bigger cat..no huge difference at all.

  • Eric Christensen
    Eric Christensen  7 days ago

    We used dish soap as bubble bath as kids. Lol

  • Jay wall
    Jay wall  7 days ago +1

    Wiping you know......my ass😭😭

  • bizz Mann
    bizz Mann  7 days ago

    Bart simpson voice: i wash maself with a rag on stick

  • vulnikkura
    vulnikkura  7 days ago

    I found his video by searching for "fat axolotl"

  • Not the Mama ASMR

    Wait did he just said that he was stuck in a shower for nine hours?!?!?!

  • Awesome464
    Awesome464  7 days ago

    It’s stuff like this that gives the US a horrible reputation

  • Xeon
    Xeon  7 days ago

    American land whale there she blows !! Oh it's a he !!!

  • Jackson Callahan
    Jackson Callahan  7 days ago

    Fat chicks be looking like this with “thicc thighs save lives” in their instagram bios... like no please just stop.

  • Tia Culling
    Tia Culling  7 days ago

    What will he do when his parents pass away he’ll be doomed

  • Lauryn Patrick
    Lauryn Patrick  7 days ago

    Fitting that he bathes like a pig since he eats like one