Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • "Mary Queen of Scots" stars Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Is Margot Robbie British? How do you pronounce Saoirse Ronan? Was Margot in a soap opera? Robbie and Saoirse answer all these questions and more!

    "Mary Queen of Scots" is in theaters on December 7

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    Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  • jar jordison
    jar jordison  2 hours ago

    Why does their laugh sounds so contagious? I love hearing their laugh

  • Mk Ely
    Mk Ely  3 hours ago

    Rachael Taylor was in transformers. Someone has mixed her with Margot Robbie

  • Maru Misu
    Maru Misu  4 hours ago +1

    Sershy Ronan is the most beautiful person that has and will ever exist.

  • facts don't care about your feelings

    Two feminists and one board.

  • Lindaa Lucio
    Lindaa Lucio  6 hours ago

    I can listen to Saoirse Ronan talk all day ! I love her accent

  • Anna Hatch
    Anna Hatch  6 hours ago

    Saoirse should do asmr with w magazine!!

  • Pacifico Orantes Guillén

    They asked "Is Saoirse Ronan married" and she answers "I wish", which is funny since I wish I was married to Saoirse Ronan.

  • Gonzo Indigenous One

    She tries so hard to be funny but comes off snobby... Not Margot.... Her Lil fake buddy

  • rosepuff321
    rosepuff321  7 hours ago

    I love that purple color on Saoirse.

  • Ermin Joseph Delos Reyes

    If I had a dragon, I'd name it Saoirse.

  • Spanky The Irishman

    I have a question... Would Miss Ronan and Miss Robbie engage in a tender passionate kiss💋

  • danielber1920
    danielber1920  8 hours ago

    Jesus christ they are so beautiful

  • Mia Naron
    Mia Naron  8 hours ago

    This is so beautifully pure ahh!! ✨

  • adrianko1234-PL
    adrianko1234-PL  8 hours ago

    Id Finger Margot Robbie in front of my grandma

  • Mike Okkerts
    Mike Okkerts  9 hours ago

    Great contrast between someone who is unaffected by fame and someone who is the opposite.

  • Sarah Michelle Gilligan

    Both super smart ladies. Very open to all media yet keep private life totally private to maintain old fashioned air of mystery. Unlikely to see either of them falling out of nite clubs gee-eyed with drink anytime ever..

  • kermit xo
    kermit xo  12 hours ago +1

    HELLO no one here is gonna notice the fact she said 12 ft 9????

  • Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft

    Me: Margot Robbie
    Google: Margot Robbie nude pics

  • lynaem88
    lynaem88  12 hours ago

    Is that a scar on Margot neck?

  • Lil Pinche
    Lil Pinche  12 hours ago

    Me and Saoirse have the same color eyes, so yeah.