Beef Stew - You Suck at Cooking (episode 51)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 11, 2016
  • Subscribe: @yousuckatcookin I learned while making Beef StewGet a cheap cut of beef. Ask for Stewing Beef. It's going to break down from being cooked for a long time so it doesn't matter if it's tough. Sear with nothing or just a little bit of oil. You can cook the hell out of it, until it's kinda burnt. I messed this up by adding broth which kept it from searing. A lot of people pat the meat down to make it as dry as possible first. When I make this again I am going to use veggie broth. To me it's fuller flavored than beef broth. I might use cubes and make it slightly stronger. So cut the beef up, sear it, then put it in a pot with your broth and start cooking it low and slow. The beef takes longer and if you put in everything together the veggies will fall apart. Feel free to give this an hour head start. Saute your onions, brown them for flavor, then throw them in. Chop up your potatoes and carrots and throw them in. Seasoning: I would have started this whole thing with garlic. Really helps to fill out the flavor. I would press a couple cloves in. Salt and pepper. a squirt of dijon. A pinch of chilis for some bite. And a couple herbs don't hurt (thyme and oregano). Basically keep adjusting but also give it time to cook through. This took a bunch of fiddling as I went but it turned out really good.


  • Sherry Fan
    Sherry Fan  2 years ago +4913

    the part where he was pouring the broth made me so uncomfortable

  • Lloyd Nix
    Lloyd Nix  2 years ago +604

    Dear Erica,
    I'm not sure I'll hate the guts
    to give this to you. DO you beieve
    in ghosts? I'm sort of on the fence.
    I feel like ghosts would be common
    if they existed. But maybe they are
    just really good at hiding. I
    think you're cool. Do you think
    I'm cool? It's cool if you don't.
    Ha Ha.
    Okay, bye.

  • a vine
    a vine  2 years ago +1541

    1:37 when you hold your pee too long

  • Piper Meyers!
    Piper Meyers!  2 years ago +952

    Can we get Gordon Ramsay to come onto this show? I'd love to see my two favorite chefs at once

  • Sit Stand Walk
    Sit Stand Walk  2 years ago +1424

    we appreciate the hours editing the chopped vegetable sequences!

  • kootiepatra
    kootiepatra  2 years ago +603

    I had no idea that beef broth could make me so uncomfortable. o_O

  • Jiya Nguyen
    Jiya Nguyen  2 years ago +569

    "I'm no longer vegetarian due to religious purposes."

  • Private Number
    Private Number  2 years ago +439

    You know the guy puts together quality videos when I'm watching a video on beef stew even though I don't eat meat.

  • MelvinDorkus
    MelvinDorkus  2 years ago +220

    the crackling is actually on point (as your whole videos always are)

  • mike wazowski
    mike wazowski  2 years ago +1336

    I was thinking, 'oh he's Canadian, he won't make any jokes about the election!'
    I was wrong.

  • Alexander Davis
    Alexander Davis  2 months ago +31

    That bubble wrap oddly worked well for the crackling noise.

  • John Green
    John Green  2 years ago +85

    2:56 "More pepper....."
    I think you mean to say PEPPER PEPPER PEPPER

  • アルピー
    アルピー  2 years ago +245

    Nice and subtle Trump joke, without ever mentioning Trump himself.

  • Wild Islander Duffy
    Wild Islander Duffy  2 years ago +33

    the vibrator around the carrot at 0:30 lmao

  • DongExpansionPak
    DongExpansionPak  2 years ago +2327

    The four years part hit me hard
    Wasn't expecting that.

  • ItsNickPowers
    ItsNickPowers  2 years ago +43

    Looks like the beef broth has an overactive prostate

  • Toph
    Toph  2 years ago +23

    Super slow broth pouring
    Super fast veggie chopping

  • carole Hayden
    carole Hayden  2 years ago +31

    Your addition of the broth put me in mind of a man with a prostate problem. Great vid as per usual.

  • Midedele
    Midedele  2 years ago +44

    I thought he would say "You suck at voting" at the end..

  • dafi723
    dafi723  2 years ago +13

    I'm Hungarian. This is basically our national food. (gulash) IT was close to it but you missed paprika. Anyway great receipt