Will Women Vote for Trump After This?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • Donald Trump has spent his entire life belittling women and to the surprise of many, over 50% of women voters from certain demographic backgrounds still voted for Donald Trump.

    Will Donald Trump be able to keep women voting for him?

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  • sarah movie reviewer

    I'm a woman I will vote TRUMP !

  • Kevin Meyer
    Kevin Meyer  5 months ago

    Hopefully women start becoming more feminine once again and get back into the kitchen and being better mothers that what we currently have. It sad how so many women are so angry and hostile all the time these days.

  • daboys1215
    daboys1215  5 months ago

    Yes and liberals will spend 4 more years complaining about it.

  • Raven Dawn Head
    Raven Dawn Head  5 months ago

    I'm white and a female and I'm against Trump.

  • Jenn West
    Jenn West  5 months ago

    This one won’t.

  • Ken Little
    Ken Little  6 months ago +1

    Rape accusations, sexual assault, trying to take women's rights, insurance, workplace safety, retirement and right to choose. Infidelity, dishonesty ....... I could do this all day.......... And STILL, women will vote for him.
    And people wonder why men don't understand women.

  • Andrew Yeo
    Andrew Yeo  6 months ago +2

    Women may not have known about the playboy playmate or the porn star but they knew about the Hollywood access tapes and the dozen plus credible women claiming sexual assaults and still overwhelmingly voted for him.

  • Andrew Yeo
    Andrew Yeo  6 months ago

    Women hate women sorry for the generalisation but it is why a women will have difficulty gaining the presidency. It is the women's vote that kill their chance. The tougher Trump gets on women itu ia possible the more women will like him. I hope I am wrong

  • Craig Browning
    Craig Browning  6 months ago

    .. only if they want their Pussies Grabbed.

  • Fixer Upper
    Fixer Upper  6 months ago +1

    There's this phenomena called STUPIDITY. So ya, evangelical women will vote for their MAN.

  • Dharma
    Dharma  6 months ago

    Lock him up. Freeze him down. Send him to Whales.

  • tancheeken
    tancheeken  6 months ago +1

    Your life is important. What about the unborn?

  • King Scottish1194
    King Scottish1194  6 months ago +2

    Donald J Trump = Cult Leader.  Any questions?????????????

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones  6 months ago

    So, the counter to all of this is Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Joe Biden? Man if only there would be a smart fresh faced candidate? There is, Gabbard, but I guess she isn't "seasoned" enough right? What a joke

  • sorensje
    sorensje  6 months ago

    Let's be clear, at least half of white women will vote for Trump like they did in 2016. And if you look at some of the organizers and architects of prolife legislation there's a lot of white female support there. So it's class, race and gender.

  • MC Bruin
    MC Bruin  6 months ago

    A lot off white woman will vote for Trump again.
    There are a lot off woman that vote what there husband votes.
    Special white woman from the older generation and evangelicals
    When I hear an woman get ask what she thinks if her daughter get sexual harassed by an college student and she answers, well that is what boys do, yes she will vote for Trump together with 50% off other white woman.

  • Chad Lieb
    Chad Lieb  6 months ago +3

    They will vote for who their husbands tell them to because they like the lives they have.

  • Jcewazhere
    Jcewazhere  6 months ago +3

    Any person who votes for Trump is voting against their interest. Especially anyone who isn't a straight, rich, white, man.
    If you don't agree with "anyone" then just look at how fast he turns on the people close to him when they do anything he doesn't like. He bashes Fox News, the organization that got him elected, when they air anything negative about him.

  • Kori Jenkins
    Kori Jenkins  6 months ago

    Most sane women will vote Trump. I doubt most would vote for Kamala the slut lol

  • Cool Hand Mark
    Cool Hand Mark  6 months ago +1

    Of course they will, women are stupid and smelly, throw rocks at them.