Lady Gaga - Shallow (Live) WITH BRADLEY COOPER - Full Video - Enigma Vegas Residency

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Brad Cooper is in the audience. Lady Gaga calls him up to (reluctantly) sing Shallow with her!If you REALLY want to skip the drama, they start singing at 3:06.Video quality and stabilization brought to you by me and my Google Pixel 3 (Google please sponsor me)#astarisborn


  • Kiki Vee  5 months ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how terrible am I for wanting these two to actually get into a relationship?

  • Nando Restrepo  yesterday

    Your wish came true

  • Rodrigo Salazar  4 days ago

    Hey, remember this?

  • Stef Eihn  1 months ago

    A divorce has born😂

  • Wonderful Cats  19 days ago

    Oo my...

  • 2kosher  21 days ago


  • Erika Figueroa  1 months ago

    After he announced his split from Irina everyone's watching 😍🤩

  • KvapkoandOfca  8 days ago

    Mee 🇸🇰❤️❤️😂

  • Greg Ward  21 days ago

    Giddy up!

  • Captain Hydro XL  1 months ago

    They look at each other the way I look at pizza. Thats how you know it’s real

  • Raptor Optical  4 days ago

    ...and now I am ordering pizza...

  • jtmichelle  13 days ago


  • Lucinda Barrett  1 months ago

    Damn so many people watching through their phones. Does anyone ever just live in the moment?

  • Haley Haley  4 days ago

    Lilac Lizard I think that’s a bit unfair. If people are paying money to go see their favorite band or musician or singer or whatever perform live obviously they’re going to sing along especially to their favorite songs. It’s a live performance that’s what crowds of people do. They’ve been doing it at concerts since the beginning of time I don’t know what to tell you 🤷‍♀️

  • Léna Lockhart  5 days ago

    Dur dur phones are bad

  • Luke Ferraro  5 months ago

    Ok this is the most intimate platonic relationship I’ve ever seen. That was oxymoronic but shit there’s so much chemistry between these two

  • @Karina Marina hi, I came from the future, and they are living together right now

  • Din  3 days ago

    @Karina Marina well this didnt turn out good for you

  • lly g  1 months ago

    Who’s here after finding out him and Irina broke up?

  • Kev Online  10 days ago

    @SuperDave66 ! Just based on looks, or what?

  • Sonya Bryant  12 days ago

    @sharon henley I do agree with you sharon henley..and super dave66, Bradley said himself, that Gaga is a "beautiful human being." He said that during an interview with the entire cast on television. "Trust me" when I say it was a wow moment on tv..Maybe that's not only a reference about her soul? Even if it "only" applies to her soul...that is the highest of compliments..I mean, who doesn't want to be described that way...

  • SPAM118PEBS  1 months ago

    The way he looks at her when she starts singing. That's life changing stuff...

  • L Harris  26 days ago

    SPAM118PEBS the way he looks at her? Eff that... check out the way he grabs her 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kendra Manley  a months ago

    SPAM118PEBS who wouldn’t!

  • Damn never thought that Bradley and Gaga will have such a chemistry. This two need to give it a try a least

  • Error Report  28 days ago

    Yulieth Ramirez Rincón yeah but relationships with 2 big stars rarely work out. Someone needs to be the Rita Wilson/Steadman Graham for it to last. These 2 are too used to being the center of attention. It would be competitive.

  • Mariah Conner  1 months ago

    I think they Fell For Each other during the making of this movie 😩

  • sam amber  12 days ago

    Brad and angy

  • Marcus Holmgren  16 days ago

    really tho? i cant see how in the world you got to that conclusion...?